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South of Marineland, FL

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Compiled and organized by C. Mack Wills for genealogical purposes only!
Much effort was made to be accurate.
Corrections and additions are appreciated.
No cemetery inventory date. Database 16Mar2004
BAGLEY, Annie Dupont, Mrs. no date no date
BRYANT, James 1856 25 Jan 1919
DUPONT, Abraham 1782 15 Oct 1857
DUPONT, Benjamin Edward 26 Dec 1825 26 Jan 1911
DUPONT, Charles Jones 11 Sep 1860 31 Mar 1914
DUPONT, Cornelius D. 28 May 1858 20 Jan 1944 (Child of Abraham)
DUPONT, Ellen More no date no date (Child of Benjamin)
DUPONT, George Elbert Jr. 23 Jul 1918 11 Nov 1965
DUPONT, George Elbert Sr. 17 Sep 1884 21 Mar 1943
DUPONT, Mary L. no date no date (Child of Benjamin)
DUPONT, Milton
no date (Child of Abraham); Aged 18 years
no date Aged 10 years
DUPONT, Virgil R. 26 Mar 1838 22 Aug 1885
HAYMAN, Kate Dupont, Mrs. no date no date
HOPKINS, Carolyn Dupont 1875 1937 (Mrs. Henry G.)
HOPKINS, Henry Garland 1873 1942
KISSELSTEIN, Caroline O. 1848 1930 (Mrs. Benjamin); Born in Germany
PEPPER, Franklin 20 Jan 1865 28 Nov 1946
STEWART, Alexander B.
19 Sep 1893 Born in Scotland
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