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016.973 NEWM BLACBlack history : a guide to civilian records in the National Archives / compiled by Debra L. Newman.
289.4 DOLE WITHWith absolute respect : the Swedenborgian theology of Charles Carroll Bonney / by George F. Dole ; with two essays by Charles Bonney.
325.4 ANDE GREAThe Great Migration Vol 6 R-S
387.522 SMIT TRANTrans-Pacific passenger ships and Appendix to Trans-Atlantic passenger ships, past and present
741.5Journal of Chauncey Huntington Childs 1890-1957 (not yet cataloged by Library)
741.6Van Der Voort Genealiogical Data Base as of 15 July 1999 (not yet cataloged by Library)
746 PETO HISTHistoric quilts by Florence Peto.
929 COLD ENGLEnglish estates of American settlers : American wills and administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1800-1858 /
929.1 CURR HUGUHuguenot ancestry / Noel Currer-Briggs & Royston Gambier.
929.1 DOAN SEARSearching for your ancestors : the how and why of genealogy / Gilbert H. Doane & James B. Bell.
929.1 FELD ANGLAnglo-Americans in Spanish archives : lists of Anglo-American settlers in the Spanish colonies of America : a finding aid / by Lawrence H. Feldman.
929.1 GALE FURTFurther undertakings of a dead relative collector / by Laverne Galeener-Moore ; illustrated by Randy Calhoun.
929.2 ADAM MAGNThe Magna Charta sureties, 1215 : the barons named in the Magna Charta, 1215, and some of their descendants who settled in America, 1607-1650 /
929.2 DOWNINGSir George Downing : ambassador & master spy : nine young men of hope, Harvard, 1642, and family descendants / by Ross Downing.
929.2 HARTLEYHartley, 1693-2002 : second edition / by Gertrude (Trudy) Beckel Getha.
929.2 LEDFORDLedford Family
929.2 LIVINGSTON WHITLivingston lines / by Bertha Elizabeth Williams Whitten.
929.3 FAMIFamily record charts. 4 vol
929.3 KIRK SURVA survey of American church records; for the period before the Civil War, East of the Mississippi River.
929.373 ORDEThe Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry lineage of members / compiled by Arthur Louis Finnell.
929.375 SOUTThe Southern genealogist's exchange quarterly.(38 vol)
929.375 SOUTThe Southern states armchair researcher.
929.3763 BEBe it known and remembered : bible records volume five / published by Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Society.
929.3764 tx:lamar MISCLamar County genealogy and history.
929.6 PINE INTEInternational heraldry/ by L.G. Pine.
929.7 RUVIThe Plantagenet roll of the blood royal : being a complete table of all the descendants now living of Edward III, King of England / by the Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineval.
929.7 RUVI TUDORThe blood royal of Britain : being a roll of the living descendants of Edward IV and Henry VII, Kings of England, and James III, King of Scotland / by the Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineval.
929.7 SMAL RELARelated royal families.
929.7 WORLWorld nobility and peerage.
929.72 BOYE MEDIMedieval English ancestors of certain Americans : many of the English ancestral lines prior to 1300 of those colonial Americans with known royal ancestry but fully developed in all possible lines / compiled by Carl Boyer, 3rd.
929.72 BUCK PEDIPedigrees of some of the Emperor Charlemagne's descendants. v. III. Compiled by J. Orton Buck and Timothy Field Beard.
929.72 HANK MYMy forty years with Debrett / Cyril Hankinson.
929.72 MONCThe Highland clans : the dynastic origins, chiefs and background of the clans and of some other families connected with Highland history / Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk ; with photographs by David Hicks.
929.72 WILL KINGKings and queens of Britain / David Williamson.
929.8 BURK GENEThe general armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales; comprising a registry of armorial bearings from the earliest to the present time. With a supplement.
941.08 PAUL SCOTThe Scots peerage; founded on Wood's edition of Sir Robert Douglas's peerage of Scotland; containing an historical and genealogical account of the nobility of that kingdom, ed. by Sir James Balfour Paul.
942.02 CRIS FALAFalaise roll : recording prominent companions of William, Duke of Normandy at the conquest of England / by M. Jackson Crispin and Leonce Macary ; with additions and corrections by G. Andrews Moriarty.
970.00497 FINAThe final rolls of citizens and freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory / prepared by the Commission and Commissioner to the Five Civilized Tribes ; and approved by the Secretary of the Interior on or prior to March 4, 1907.
970.00497 INDEThe final rolls of citizens and freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory / (duplicate??)
973.34 UNIT PIERPierce's register : register of the certificates issued by John Pierce, Esquire, Paymaster General and Commissioner of Army accounts for the United States, to officers and soldiers of the Continental Army under act of July 4, 1783.
973.343 BUNN NEWThe new Loyalist index / by Paul J. Bunnell.
973.343 BUNN RESEResearch guide to loyalist ancestors : a directory to archives, manuscripts, published and electronic sources / by Paul J. Bunnell.
973.345 scStub entries to indents issued in payment of claims against South Carolina growing out of the Revolution / edited by A.S. Salley.
973.3456 ncKing's Mountain and its heroes: history of the battle of King's Mountain, October 7th, 1780, and the events which led to it / by Lyman C. Draper.
973.35 KAMI MARIMariners of the American Revolution : with an appendix of American ships captured by the British during the Revolutionary War / compiled and with introduction by Marion and Jack Kaminkow.
MAYE JOHNJohn Punterick : a novel of life in the old Dutch Fork / by O.B. Mayer ; edited, with an introduction and notes, by James E. Kibler.
SIMM PARTThe partisan : with introduction and explanatory notes / by William Gilmore Simms.
016 al:1830Alabama: an index to the 1830 United States censusAlabama
929.2 alEarly settlers of Alabama.With notes & genealogiesAlabama
929.3 al HARD SELMSelma, her institutions and her men : with new introduction and index / by John Hardy.Alabama
929.3 al HISTOn the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the state of Alabama.Alabama
929.3 al PETT PIONPioneers and residents of west central Alabama prior to the Civil War / by Madge Pettit.Alabama
929.3 al YESTYesterday's faces of Alabama : a collection of maps, 1822-1909 / by the Society of Pioneers of Montgomery ; John H. Napier, III, Editor.Alabama
929.3 al:dall MARRDallas County, Alabama: Marriage book 1, 1818-1845Alabama
929.3 al:jeff HISTTown within a city : the Five Points South neighborhood, 1880-1930 / Ann McCorquodale Burkhardt ; Alice Meriwether Bowsher, editor.Alabama
929.3 al:mare MARRMarengo County, Alabama, marriages, 1818-1828Alabama
929.3 al:pick DEATAbstracts of marriages and death notices, Pickens County, Alabama / compiled by Catherine Pepper Spell; indexed by Nina Pepper.Alabama
929.3761 18301830 Census - state of Alabama [microform]Alabama
929.3761 18401840 Alabama censusAlabama
929.3761 al RUSS SIMOSimon Russell of Alabama : his ancestry and descendants / compiled by Marjorie Douglas Russell.Alabama
929.3761 al RUSS SIMOThe Douglas in his hall / compiled by Marjorie Douglas Russell.Alabama
929.3761 al:pick HISTHistory of Pickens County, Ala., from its first settlement in eighteen hundred and seventeen, to eighteen hundred and fifty-six / by Nelson F. Smith ; with new index by Mary Bess Kirksey.Alabama
929.3761 ALABAlabama Indian removal, 1838Alabama
976.147 HISTA history of Montgomery in pictures.Alabama
929.1 HOFF gGENE A-NGenealogical & local history books in print: U.S. sources & Resources volume--Alabama-New YorkAlabama-New York
973.3461 alRevolutionary soldiers in Alabama; being a list of names, compiled from authentic sources, of soldiers of the American Revolution, who resided in the State of Alabama / compiled by Thomas M. Owen.Alabama/REV
929.3 ar WHITWhite County heritage.Arkansas
973.7 ar: BIOGBiographical and historical memoirs of southern Arkansas : comprising a condensed history of the state, a number of biographies of its distinguished citizens, a brief descriptive history of each of the counties mentioned, and numerous biographical sketches of the citizens of such county.Arkansas
973.78 ar: INGM ARKAArkansas Confederate veterans and widows pension applications / compiled by Frances T. Ingmire.Arkansas
929.3729 merBermuda settlers of the 17th century : genealogical notes from Bermuda / by Julia E. Mercer ; with an index by Judith McGhan.Bermuda
929.375 LEAS OLDOld southern Bible records: transcriptions of births, deaths, and marriages from family Bibles, chiefly of the 18th and 19th centuries, compiled by Memory Aldridge [i.e. Alldredge] Lester.Bible Records
GEN 929.373 COLD LORDLord Mayor's Court of London : depositions relating to Americans, 1641-1736 / compiled and with an introd. by Peter Wilson Coldham.British/Americans
ON ORDERTracing Your Irish & British RootsBritish/Irish
016 ca:1850Index to the 1850 census of the State of California.California
929.3713 REID LOYAThe Loyalists in Ontario : the sons and daughters of the American Loyalists of upper Canada / William D. Reid.Canada
971.467 HUBB FOREForests and clearings : the history of Stanstead County, Province of Quebec, with sketches of more than five hundred families / compiled by B.F. Hubbard ; the whole revised, abridged, and published with additions and illustrations by John Lawrence.Canada
929.5097 SONN OAKOak Hill Cemetery record & genealogical data / researched and compiled by Velma A. Sonneborn.Cemetery
016 :1790Map guide to the U.S. federal censuses, 1790-1920 / Wm Thorndale and Wm Dollarhide.Census
016 :1890Index to 1890 census of the United States / compiled by Helen Smothers Swenson ; decoded by Frances Terry Ingmire.Census
016 :1910The 1910 federal population census : a catalog of microfilm copies of the schedules.Census
016 ct:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790; Connecticut.Census
016 fl:1864Census. : Department of the South. November, 1864.Census
016 MAP 1790- 1920Map guide to the U.S. federal censuses, 1790-1920 / William Thorndale and William Dollarhide.Census
016 MISC STATState censuses; an annotated bibliography of censuses of population taken after the year 1790 by States and Territories of the United States. Prepared by Henry J. Dubester.Census
929.1 LAIN STATState census records / Ann S. Lainhart.Census
929.373 19001900 federal population census : a catalog of microfilm copies of the schedules /Census
929.3759 MCGO CENSCensus microfilm holdings in Florida public libraries : a directory / compiled by JoAnn Petersen McGonagill.Census/Florida
016 ma:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790 : Massachusetts.Census/MA
016 md:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790; Maryland.Census/MD
016 me:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790; Maine.Census/ME
016 nc:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790: North Carolina.Census/NC
016 nh:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790; New Hampshire.Census/NH
016 ny:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790: New York.Census/NY
016 pa:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790: Pennsylvania.Census/PA
016 ri:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790: Rhode Island.Census/RI
016 sc:1790Heads of families at the First Census of the United States taken in the year 1790 : South Carolina.Census/SC
016 va:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790; records of the State enumerations: 1782-1785, Virginia.Census/VA
016 vt:1790Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790; Vermont.Census/VT
016 vt:1800Heads of families at the second census of the United States taken in the year 1800: Vermont.Census/VT
929.70973 WEIS ANCEAncestral roots of certain American colonists who came to America before 1700 : the lineage of Alfred the Great, Charlemagne, Malcolm of Scotland, Robert the Strong, and some of their descendants / by Frederick Lewis Weis.Colonial
973.741 HOLL COLOColorado volunteers in New Mexico, 1862 / by Ovando J. Hollister; edited by Richard Harwell.Colorado/New Mexico
920.0746 SPAL ILLUIllustrated popular biography of Connecticut; comp. and pub. by J.A. SpaldingConnecticut
929.2 baldwinA record of the descendants of John Baldwin of Stonington, Conn. : with notices of other Baldwins who settled in America in early colony times /Connecticut
929.2 PEASEA genealogical and historical record of the descendants of John Pease, Sen., last of Enfield, Conn. / compiled by David Pease and Austin S. Pease, as associate editor.Connecticut
929.3 cn lc MARREarly Connecticut marriages as found on ancient church records prior to 1800 / edited by Frederic W. Bailey.Connecticut
973.913 STRI CONNConnecticut fights; the story of the 102nd regiment, by Daniel W. Strickland.Connecticut
920.0973 DAUG HISTHistory and roster [of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Florida State Society]DAR
929.1072 GRUN AMERAmerican genealogical research at the DAR, Washington, D.C. / by Eric G. Grundset and Steven B. Rhodes.DAR
929.3 DAUGDAR Patriot Index, Vol. I.DAR
929.3 DAUGDAR patriot index : volume II / National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution ; Mrs. George Upham Baylies, President General.DAR
929.373 DARLibrary catalog / National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution ; compiled under the supervision of Carolyn Leopold Michaels and Kathryn S. Scott.DAR
929.373 dar lineageLineage book / National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars. (53 vol)DAR
929.373 dar lineage indexIndex of the Rolls of honor (ancestor's index) in the Lineage books of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution [volumes 1-160]DAR
929.373 dar patriotDAR patriot index. (13 vol)DAR
016 de:18001800 census of Delaware / compiled by Gerald and Doris Ollar Maddux.Delaware
016 de:1850Index to the 1850 census of Delaware / compiled by Virginia L. Olmsted.Delaware
975.1 WILL FORGForgotten heroes of Delaware [by] Emerson Wilson.Delaware
929.1 LAW HOWHow to trace your ancestors to Europe / by Hugh T. Law, editor and author.Europe
929.373 CERDIC RIXFORDFamilies directly descended from all the royal families in Europe (495 to 1932) and Mayflower descendants / by Mrs. (Oscar Herbert) Elizabeth M. Leach Rixford.Europe
929.2 Anglin AngAnglin family treeFamily Hist
929.2 ARNAArnau or Arnow / compiled by Marguerite M. MathewsFamily Hist
929.2 BAUMANFamily records of the descendants of pioneer Joseph Bauman, also some records of David and Henry Bauman.Family Hist
929.2 BEASON PECKHAMThe Beason family / by Arline Beason-Peckham, Charles Wesley Peckham, Sr.Family Hist
929.2 BEMENTSThe amazing story of the Bements in America.Family Hist
929.2 BIRCHBirch, Burch family in Great Britain and America.Family Hist
929.2 BODD HISTHistorical Southern familiesFamily Hist
929.2 BOON THOMBoon genealogy, 1984 / as compiled by Rupert Farnham Thompson ; assisted by Arthur Bunton Jones.Family Hist
929.2 BOSTWICKGenealogy of the Bostwick family in America : the descendants of Arthur Bostwick of Stratford, Conn. / compiled by Henry Anthon Bostwick.Family Hist
929.2 bowmanThe Bowmans : a pioneering family in Virginia, Kentucky and the Northwest Territory /Family Hist
929.2 BOYE MEDIMedieval English ancestors of Robert¹ Abell : who died in Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony, 20 June 1663Family Hist
929.2 BRADDOCK-OWENSA history of the Braddock-Owens family and land, 1796-1984 / by Patricia L. Kenney.Family Hist
929.2 BROW LIGHRevolutionary soldier Samuel Brown and some of his family : from Middlesex County Virginia to the Sacramento Valley of California / compiled and edited by Fayre Marie (Brown) Lightburn.Family Hist
929.2 BROW POCAPocahontas' descendants : a revision, enlargement, and extension of the list as set out by Wyndham Robertson in his book Pocahontas and her descendants (1887) / by Stuart E. Brown, Jr., Lorraine F. Myers, and Eileen M. Chappel.Family Hist
929.2 brownfieldThe descendants of the Brownfield and Porter families / compiled and published by Max Perry.Family Hist
929.2 BURCHBurch, Harrell and allied families.Family Hist
929.2 CARMACKThe Carmack family / by Charles W. Peckham, Sr.Family Hist
929.2 CARRUTH CARR GENEGenealogy of a branch of the Carruth family; or, The descendants of James Carruth of Phillipston.Family Hist
929.2 CLARYClary genealogy : four early American lines and related families / by Ralph Shearer Rowland and Star Wilson Rowland.Family Hist
929.2 COLL HEREHere we are families: Collette, Hendricks, Burke, Burton and allied lines / by Ruth B. Collette.Family Hist
929.2 COX COXCox genealogy : Some materials towards a history of the early Cox families of New England / by Rev. John H. Cox ...Family Hist
929.2 CROFTA southern legacy : the house of Croft / compiled by Robert William Croft ; illustrated by John David Atkinson.Family Hist
929.2 CRONKCronk memoirs / Earle T. Cronk, Les Leatherman.Family Hist
929.2 ct:fair GRAYA history of one branch of the Fairfield, Connecticut, Gray family; compiled by Mary Sibyl Gray May, Grace Gray Hoch, and Richard Holman May.Family Hist
929.2 DEJONGHEThe DeJonghe, DeJong or the DeYoungs and related families : genealogy and history in Europe and America and family coat of arms.Family Hist
929.2 DESCThe descendants of Robert Kay of South Carolina / compiled by James E. Kay ... [et al.].Family Hist
929.2 DICKEYLines and lifestyles : Dickey, Moore, Parsons, and some related families / compiled by Marjorie Dickey Parsons.Family Hist
929.2 DUDLEYThe Dudley genealogies / compiled by James Henry Mason.Family Hist
929.2 DYEDye data 10 volume index, volumes 1-10 / John A. & Judy K. Dye.Family Hist
929.2 ENGLEBRIGHTThe Englebright family.Family Hist
929.2 FORTA family called Fort; the descendents of Elias Fort of Virginia Family Hist
929.2 ga:lown KELLKellys of Lowndes and their cousins / Woodrow W. Kelly.Family Hist
929.2 GIBBS WATTThe Gibbs family of long ago and near at hand, 1337-1967 / compiled by Margaret Gibbs Watt.Family Hist
929.2 GRANTOur mother's family / Allen Dean Peterson.Family Hist
929.2 GRAYGray /J. Rufus GrayFamily Hist
929.2 GRAYThe Gray family.Family Hist
929.2 GRAYCaptain Robert Gray, Tiverton's illustrious sonFamily Hist
929.2 HardyHardy and Hardie : past and present / authors and compilers, H. Claude Hardy [and] Edwin Noah Hardy.Family Hist
929.2 HARP MYMy kin folks : an account of the Harps, Masoners, Runyons, Whitlocks, Flinns, Greens, Roberts / by Thomas Young Harp.Family Hist
929.2 HARR NINENine generations & growing : the story of a Harris family line beginning with James Harris of Boston 1640-1714 / by Ward A. Harris, PhD.Family Hist
929.2 HARTJames Hart : a genealogical and historical record of his descendants (with allied families) / by Charles Gerton Hart.Family Hist
929.2 HITEJoist Hite and some of his descendants / by M. Frances Cooper.Family Hist
929.2 HOLL OUROur heritage : a genealogy of the descendants of Phillip Deen / by Mary Ketus Deen Holland and Claude Sisco Deen Jr.Family Hist
929.2 HOLLEYA genealogical history of the Holley family and Waters family / by William H. Day and Sammie Jean Holley.Family Hist
929.2 HOWLANDDescendants of Edward Church Howland of Rhode Island and Florida.Family Hist
929.2 Hurlbert SkiThe Family of Francis T. Hurlbert : ancestors, descendants, relatives / by Deborah Hurlbert SkipperFamily Hist
929.2 HUTCHINSONThe Hutchinson family of Laurens County, South Carolina, and descendants / by Frederick McAlpine Hutchinson.Family Hist
929.2 JOHNSONFamily tree of John "Pealicker" Johnson, Conecuh County, Alabama, and William Johnson, including allied lines / compliled by Gertrude Louise (Johnson) Stephens.Family Hist
929.2 JONESGenealogy of a Jones family of Arkansas and Missouri, with mention of the Sykes and Sweaney families, by Olga Jones Edwards.Family Hist
929.2 KELL WILLThe Williamses of Baker County : including in part a genealogical [sic] record of the descendants of grandfather John Daniel (Jocham) Williams / by Joseph E. Kelly.Family Hist
929.2 KILLOUGH CUNN ERRAErrata and limited addendum for the 1991 edition of The Killough family in Ireland, Canada, and the United States / compiled by Zora (Killough) Cunningham.Family Hist
929.2 LACKORThe Lackor family (Lackore - Lacore - La Core - Lucore) / by Mary (McCall) Middleton.Family Hist
929.2 LOND AMERAmerica the beautiful : a family history : the London, Phillips, Scott, and Mitchell families and their related connections in colonial America (1600s-1700s) : with lines in England to Alfred the Great (846 A.D.) and William the Conqueror (1027 A.D.)Family Hist
929.2 MARISThe Maris family in the United States. A record of the descendants of George and Alice Maris. 1683-1885.Family Hist
929.2 MATH LOFTLofton : Lofton/Loftain/Loften/Loftin of Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and East Florida / [compiled by] Marguerite Marreé Mathews.Family Hist
929.2 MCDOWELLMcDowells in America : a genealogy / by Dorothy Kelly MacDowell.Family Hist
929.2 MOREOur family, facts and fancies : the Moreno and related families / by Regina Moreno Kirchoff Mandrell in collaboration with William S. Coker and Hazel P. Coker.Family Hist
929.2 MORTONThe Lookout Mountain Mortons and their descendants : plus ancestors and relatives from York Co., Pennsylvania, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, Blount Co., Tennessee, and Walker Co., Georgia, 1731-1989 /Family Hist
929.2 MUMFORD 1600-1992The Mumford families in America, 1600-1992 / Sherrie A. Styx.Family Hist
929.2 PACEHistory of the Pace family : from manuscripts of Miss Annie Jones (1873-1951), Barnabas Pace (1789- ), Maud McClure Kelly (1887-1973) /Family Hist
929.2 PACE 1607-1750The Pace family, 1607-1750 / compiled by Freda Reid Turner ; edited by Eleanor Pace Terrell.Family Hist
929.2 PERRYPerry portraits / written and compiled by Mildred Perry Miller.Family Hist
929.2 PETE OUROur father's family /Allen Dean Peterson.Family Hist
929.2 PLUMThe Plummer lineage of America / written by Anne Plummer Johnston and compiled by Marcella Tomaselli.Family Hist
929.2 PORTPortraits from the past : the descendants of Robert Kay / Kay Family Association.Family Hist
929.2 POTTER INDEXPotter profiles.Family Hist
929.2 RAYThe memoirs of John W. RayFamily Hist
929.2 REYNOLDSLife on the Alvah Reynolds farm 1882-1913 /Family Hist
929.2 RITTENHOUA genea-biographical history of the Rittenhouse family ; and all its branches in America, with sketches of their descendants, from the earliest available records to the present time, including the birth of Wilhelm in 1644 /Family Hist
929.2 ROUSEClasping hands with generations past, by Emma Rouse Lloyd.Family Hist
929.2 SAWYEREdward, William, Thomas, James Sawyer of the early 1700's : Manuscript 2 / by Theodora Hoyt Sawyer.Family Hist
929.2 SAWYERThe Sawyer family of Elliotsville (Piscataquis Co., Maine) : descendants of James Sawyer of Gloucester, Mass. and their kinfold, the Drakes /Family Hist
929.2 SAWYER INDEXA genealogical dictionary of the early Sawyer families of New England, ca 1632-1900 / by Fred E. Sawyer.Family Hist
929.2 SCOTTScott, 1118-1923; being a collection of "Scott" pedigrees containing all known male descendants from Buccleuch, Sinton, Harden, Balweary, etc. Complied and arranged by Keith S. M. Scott; with an introduction by The Master of Polwarth, Capt The Hon. W. T. Hepburne-Scott, Younger of Harden; IllustrateFamily Hist
929.2 SEBREE GUSSSebree studies : lineage of Charles Jenkins Sebree (1854-1913) and collateral lines traced to colonial Virginia : conjugate lines including Barnett, Butler, Butts, Carter, Gibbs, Hord, Jarrell, Johnson, Sage, Shreves, Thomason, Watts, Wilson / Willa I. Guss.Family Hist
929.2 SHOO CAROCarolina roundup. Kay-Clinkscales-Pratt and related families. Family Hist
929.2 SMIT ISAIsa and Ade : the descendants of a South Mountain family / compiled by Lee Roy Smith.Family Hist
929.2 SPENCERThe Spencers of the great migration / by Jack Taif Spencer and Edith Woolley Spencer.Family Hist
929.2 TATE TAYLORTaylors and Tates of the South / by Ann K. Blomquist.Family Hist
929.2 TEAGLEThe Teagle family : from then til now / compiled by Winton Teagle and Terrence Lindemer.Family Hist
929.2 TERRYTerry family census, 1790-1920 / compiled and published by Earnest L. Terry.Family Hist
929.2 tichenorTichenor families in America / Harold A. Tichenor.Family Hist
929.2 TILT HISTHistory of the Tilton family in America vol. 1, no. 1- / by Francis Theodore Tilton.Family Hist
929.2 VAUGHANVaughan family history.Family Hist
929.2 WATERSA genealogical history of the Waters and kindred families,Family Hist
929.2 WELCHA family history: the ancestry of Ransom Frank Welch and Susan Curtis Welch.Family Hist
929.2 WINF ANCEAncestors and relatives of Arthur C.S.S. Winfrey / by Arthur C.S.S. Winfrey.Family Hist
929.2 WOODLEYSome descendants of John and Mary (Rogers) Woodley / compiled by Henry Carvel Wiggin, Jean Stevens Wiggin.Family Hist
929.2097 KYLE COLOThe colonial Montgomery family of Eglinton, Monmouth County, New Jersey and descendants of David Clark Montgomery (1831-1923) of Little Creek, Delaware : including the family lines of Arthurs, Buckson, Carson, Hendrickson, Hood, Keith, Marland, Martindale, Melson, Montgomery, Mousley, Muncy, PleasFamily Hist
929.2097 WOOD ANCEAncestry of Eleanore and Ann Louise Miles of Shenandoah, Pennsylvania : including ancestral families: Brosius, Dillman, Ebling, Fahl, Hassler, Jaeger, Manley, Miles, Palm, Richert, Rick, Shaner, Scheidi, Schneider, Shuman, Wildermuth / compiled and written by Norris Philip Wood, Eleanore Miles Wood.Family Hist
929.20973 BRIT CALCCalcote family journey : with information on related families of Baker, Bromfield, Cade, Council, Garlington Goodrich, Hardy, Kennedy, and Middleton / by Frances Calcote Brite.Family Hist
929.20973 COUN UNTOUnto the hills, some Hillmans and others : a partial genealogy of the southwest Virginia families of Carrico, Edwards, Hillman, Newberry, Stallard, Wells and other allied families / by Belva Marshall Counts.Family Hist
929.20973 ENGE TOTo hope, to labor, and so to live : descendants of John Mack (1740-1814), with some allied families--Wilson, McKnitt, Brevard, Polk, Reese, Hudson, Burnett / Mary P. Engels.Family Hist
929.20973 GRES GRESThe Gresham family from Edward Gresham, England, 1312-1400, to Thomas Gresham, Virginia, 1923.Family Hist
929.20973 INGE HERNThe Herndon and Inge families : genealogical, historical, biographical / by George B. Inge.Family Hist
929.20973 NYE BUTTButton families of America. Compiled by R. Glen Nye. Edited by Katherine (Watson) Nye.Family Hist
929.3 ct:hart HISTThe Wethersfield story, by Lois M. Wieder.Family Hist
929.3 MILLER BENO MILLThe Millers of Sand Mountain and allied families / by Julia Ann Crum Benoit.Family Hist
GEN 929.2 LEDFORDLedford family.Family Hist
GEN 929.2 LIVINGSTON WHITLivingston lines /Family Hist
929.2 BURN FAMIFamilies remembered : the Burnett, Prevatt, Walker, Stonecypher and other allied families of Northeast Florida and Georgia / by John Albert Burnett.Family Hist/ FL/ GA
929.342 NORMThe Norman people and their existing descendants in the British dominions and the United States of America.Family Hist/British/US
929.20973 MICK MICKThe Micklers of Florida / by Patricia Ferguson Mickler.Family Hist/FL
929.2 WILL AMERThe American ancestry and southern posterity of Marmaduke and Mary Williams 1756-1986 : Henry Davis family of Georgia and Florida / Irene Porter Williams and Berniece Williams Ricks.Family Hist/FL/GA
929.2097 DESCThe Descendants of Paulus and Gertrude Kusters of Kaldenkirchen, Germany and Germantown, Pennsylvania : the first four generations / Jean M. White, editor.Family Hist/German
929.2 KILLOUGH CUNN KILLThe Killough family in Ireland, Canada, and the United States / compiled by Zora (Killough) Cunningham.Family Hist/Ire/Can/US
929.2 GREN CLANClans and families of Ireland : the heritage and heraldry of Irish clans and families / John Grenham.Family Hist/Ireland
929.2 md:anneAnnapolis, Maryland, families / by Robert Harry McIntire.Family Hist/Maryland
929.2 THOMSONA genealogy of descendants of John Thomson of Plymouth, Mass. : also sketches of families of Allen, Cooke and Hutchinson / by Charles Hutchinson Thompson.Family Hist/Mass
974.4 ma: BAKE HINGA Hingham, Massachusetts Family History : including Humphrey, Leavitt, Lincoln and Marsh Genealogies / Susan M. Baker Derby.Family Hist/Mass
929.2 BRITTAINThe genealogical study of James Brittain of Buncombe County, North Carolina / compiled by Shirley Brittain Cawyer.Family Hist/NC
929.2 ELLI SOMESome Rogers, Duckworth and Welborn families : with roots in North and South Carolina / Carl Grayson Ellison.Family Hist/NC&SC
929.2 brown walkerGenealogy of John Brown of Hampton, New Hampshire / by Marguerite Willette Brown.Family Hist/NH
929.2097 HALS FAMIThe family of Bennie Gray Halsted & Alpha Arvilla Ohlhausen : sharecrop farmers of Taylor County, Texas, ranchers of Kerr County, Texas, sheriff of Armstrong County, Texas / by Benjamin Donald Halsted.Family Hist/Texas
929.2 COLEMAN FEASTERThe Robert Coleman family, from Virginia to Texas, 1652-1965 / by J. P. Coleman, with the assistance of many others.Family Hist/TX
929.2 CARTER vaThe Descendants of Capt. Thomas Carter of "Barford", Lancaster County, Virginia : with genealogical notes of many of the allied families /Family Hist/VA
929.2 HIGH va : LAWRHigh family notes : descendants of Thomas High, Surry County, Virginia : 12 plus generations / compiled by Grace High Lawrence.Family Hist/VA
929.2 leeLee of Virginia, 1642-1892 : biographical and genealogical sketches of the descendants of Colonel Richard Lee : with brief notices of the related families of Allerton, Armistead, Ashton, Aylett, Bedinger, Beverley, Bland, Bolling, Carroll, Carter, Chambers, Corbin, Custis, Digges, Fairfax, Fitzhugh,Family Hist/VA
929.2 RATHBONE RATH SOMESome of the ancestors of Francis Flournoy, Sr. of Chesterfield County, Virginia / compiled by Bettye S. Rathbone.Family Hist/VA
975.591 BROW DESCDescendants of James Brown (Senior) (17__-1833) who settled in Augusta County, Virginia between the South River and the "Great Road" that ran from Waynesboro to Greenville to Lexington, Virginia / compiled and published by Edwin Beecher Brown.Family Hist/Virginia
929.1 ROWL WELSWelsh family history : a guide to research / edited by John Rowlands and others.Family Hist/Welsh
016 d1850 CENSUS INDEXIndex to 1850 Florida census.Florida
016 fl: ALAC d1850Alachua County : 1850 Florida census / Southern Genealogist's Exchange Society.Florida
016 fl: BENT d1850Benton, Dade, Orange, St. Lucie Counties : 1850 Florida census.Florida
016 fl: CALH d1850Calhoun, Levy, Putnam Counties : 1850 Florida census. (2 copies)Florida
016 fl: DUVAL d1850Duval County, Florida: 1850 census.Florida
016 fl: ESCA d18501850 Florida census, Escambia County. (2 copies)Florida
016 fl: FRAN d1850Franklin County : 1850 Florida census. (2 copies)Florida
016 fl: GADS d18501850 Florida census, Gadsden County.Florida
016 fl: HAMI d18501850 Florida census: Hamilton County.Florida
016 fl: HILL d1850HillsborIndex to 1850 Florida census.ough County : 1850 Florida census.Florida
016 fl: INDEX d1850Index to 1850 Florida census. (2 copiesFlorida
016 fl: JEFF d1850Jefferson County : 1850 Florida census.Florida
016 fl: LEON d1850Leon County, Florida; 1850 census.Florida
016 fl: MADI d1850Madison County, Florida: 1850 census.Florida
016 fl: MARI d1850Marion County : 1850 Florida census / Southern Genealogist's Exchange Society.Florida
016 fl: NASS d18501850 Florida census, Nassau County.Florida
016 fl: SANT d18501850 Florida census: Santa Rosa County.Florida
016 fl: ST d18501850 Florida census, St. Johns County.Florida
016 fl: WAKU d18501850 Florida census : Wakulla County.Florida
016 fl: WASH d18501850 Florida census, Washington County.Florida
016 fl:1830Florida 1830 census index / editors, Ronald Vern Jackson, Gary Ronald Teeples.Florida
016 fl:1840Florida 1840 census index / editors, Ronald Vern Jackson, Gary Ronald Teeples.Florida
016 fl:18601860 Florida census index heads of households and other surnames in households index /Florida
016 fl:18601860 Florida census index heads of households and other surnames in households index / compiled by Bryan Lee Dilts.Florida
016 fl:1870Florida 1870 census index / editors, Ronald Vern Jackson, et al..Florida
016 fl:18851885 Florida state census index / indexed and published by William T. & Patricia Martin.Florida
338.0029 SOUTThe South Publishing Company's Florida state gazetteer and business directory.Florida
385 FLORFlorida East Coast Railway : lists of employees, 1893-1957 / Computerized by Mack Wills.Florida
923.3 fl: STJO BAKE WHITWhite marriages performed at the Cathedral of St. Augustine for the period between 1785-1977 alphabetical listing by Groom's Name. (2 vol)Florida
929 MADIMadison County, Florida, family history book / edited by Elmer SpearFlorida
929.1 SOUTSouth Florida pioneers (6 vol)Florida
929.2 FLORIDAFlorida: historic, dramatic, contemporary.Florida
929.3 flFlorida voters in their first statewide election : May 26, 1845 / Brian E. Michaels.Florida
929.3 fl : FLAGBunnell High School, 1917-1967 : Bunnell, Flagler County, Florida / Mary Ketus Deen Holland.Florida
929.3 fl : SUWADiscovering genealogical roots in Suwanee County, Florida (late 1700's to early 1900's) / Harold Borden Bennett.Florida
929.3 fl BIBLFlorida connections through Bible records / compiled and edited by Anne Wood Taylor and Mary Lee Barnes Harrell ; Helen Marie Harrell Howard, technical advisor.Florida
929.3 fl LANDFlorida land : records of the Tallahassee and Newnansville general land office, 1825-1892 / [by Alvie L. Davidson].Florida
929.3 fl MISC DIKEThe territorial post offices of Florida.Florida
929.3 fl: brev CEMEThe two cemeteries at Melbourne.Florida
929.3 fl: DADE1896 directory, guide & history of Dade County, Florida : including Broward and Palm Beach Counties.Florida
929.3 fl: PION INDEXFlorida pioneer descendants certificate program : index 1979-1993.Florida
929.3 fl: REDRed, white, and bluebloods in frontier Florida / by Malcolm B. Johnson.Florida
929.3 fl: STJONational cemetery, St. Augustine, Florida : index-guide, preliminary report.Florida
929.3 fl:alac HISTThe story of historic Micanopy / by Caroline B. Watkins.Florida
929.3 fl:clay HISTParade of memories : a history of Clay County, Florida / by Arch Fredric Blakey.Florida
929.3 fl:duval CEME FERGInternments in N.E. Florida Cemeteries : Clay, Duval, St. Johns / compiled by Jon R. FergusonFlorida
929.3 fl:flagYou gotta be kiddin' : a composite of folklore, anecdotal stories and tall tales from Flagler County folks.Florida
929.3 fl:flag FIRSFirst families of Flagler / Mary Ketus Holland.Florida
929.3 fl:gads HISTGadsden : a Florida county in word and picture / by Miles Kenan Womack, Jr.Florida
929.3 fl:leon CEMEThe cemeteries of Leon County, Florida : rural white cemeteries : tombstone inscriptions & epitaphs / compiled and edited by Joy Smith Paisley.Florida
929.3 fl:levy HISTSearch for yesterday : a history of Levy County, Florida.Florida
929.3 fl:pascThe history of Zephyrhills, 1821-1921 / Rosemary W. Trottman.Florida
929.3 fl:putnam WILL CEMEThe cemeteries of Putnam County, Florida / Compiled by Mack WillsFlorida
929.3 fl:st.johns CEMEThe cemeteries of Saint Johns County, Florida / Wills, Mack.Florida
929.3 fl:st.johns EVEREvergreen Cemetery / Wills, Mack. 3 volFlorida
929.3 fl:stjoStories of old St. Augustine /Wright,J. Leitch by Virginia EdwardsFlorida
929.3 fl:stjoThe long road with God : a `living' history of Ancient City Baptist Church, 1887-1987.Florida
929.3 fl:stjo BRITBritish St. Augustine / J. Leitch Wright, Jr. ; illustrated by Denise D. Gennoy.Florida
929.3 fl:stjo DEATHDeath register church of the CathedralFlorida
929.3 fl:stjo DEATHRecord of intermentsFlorida
929.3 fl:stjo GUES INDEIndex of probate and court records of St. Johns County, Florida / compiled by Deborah L. Guess ; edited by Mack Wills.Florida
929.3 fl:stjo WILL LISTList of deaths and/or burials 1950-2006, in St. Johns County, Florida 3 volFlorida
929.3 fl:stjo WILL LISTList of deaths and/or burials 1800-1899 in St. Johns County, Florida 2 volFlorida
929.3 fl:stjo WILL MISCMiscellaneous Putnam County Cemeteries / Listings prepared by Mack WillsFlorida
929.3 fl:stjo WILL STSt. Johns County, Florida Register of deaths occurring in or burial in the period 1900-1949 / Compiled by Mack Wills 4 volFlorida
929.3 fl:stjo WILL STSt. Johns County : Birth register, 1880-2003 / Compiled by Mack Wills.Florida
929.3 fl:stjo WILL TRINTrinity Episcopal Parish Records. Book 1 / Listings prepared by Mack WillsFlorida
929.3 fl:sumtLooking back, Sumter County : a brief essay on Sumter County / by Sumter County Historical Society ; [compiled by Doris Valentine]Florida
929.3 fl:volu HISTHopes, dreams, and promises : a history of Volusia County, Florida /Florida
929.3 ga:appl HISTFootprints in Appling County / researched and compiled by Ruth T. Barron.Florida
929.3 MILLERFamily, community, business enterprise : the Millers of Crescent City, Florida / by Edward F. Keuchel and Robin J. Sellers.Florida
929.3118 fl:stjo BAKE BAPTBaptismal records of individuals performed at the Cathedral in St. Augustine, 1950-2003 / Copied by William T. Baker, Jr., from source records of the translations of Earl Masters and computerized by Mack Wills.Florida
929.3758 BYRN HANDHandbook for genealogical research in central Florida / by June Byrne.Florida
929.3759The Ancient City Genealogist. (vols) St Augustine Genealogical SocietyFlorida
929.3759 DAVI FLORThe Florida genealogist index : volumes I-X, 1977-1987 / compiled by Dianne Hatcher Davidson.Florida
929.3759 fl: SMAL ONCEOnce upon a lifetime in and near Baker County, Florida / by La Viece (Moore-Fraser) Smallwood.Florida
929.3759 fl:stjo MATH MARRMarriage records, 1823-1880, St. Johns County, Florida / Abstracted and compiled by Marguerite Marree Mathews.Florida
929.3759 fl:stjo WILL RECORecords of marriage Licenses issued in the 1800s at the St. Johns County Courthouse / Computerized by Mack Wills.Florida
929.3759 FLORSoldiers of Florida, 1835-1899Florida
929.3759 FLORSpecial archives publication. (Multiple volumes)Florida
929.3759 HILLHill-Donnelly cross reference directory : consumer and business guide for St. Augustine - Palatka, Florida.Florida
929.3759 JACKJacksonville Genealogical society magazine. (Many volumes)Florida
929.3759 POLKPolk's St. Augustine city directory. (vols)Florida
929.3759 POLKPolk's City directory for Paltka, Florida (vols)Florida
929.3759 POLKPolk Jacksonville Florida city directory. (vols)Florida
929.5759 : fl SMAL BAKEBaker's dozen : Baker County, Florida / by La Viece (Moore-Fraser) Smallwood.Florida
970.1 LANT SEMISeminole Indians of Florida, 1850-1874 / Raymond C. Lantz.Florida
973.5 SOLDSoldiers of Florida in the Seminole Indian, Civil, and Spanish-American wars/Florida
975.18 FRET CLASClash between cultures : Spanish East Florida, 1784-1821 / Jacqueline K. Fretwell and Susan R. Parker, editors.Florida
975.9 fl: HOWA OLDOld City Cemetery, Union Street, Jacksonville, Florida / compiled by Mary-Louise Howard.Florida
975.9 fl: SPEA FOURFour generation charts from the members of the Florida Chapter/OGS / Elmer C. Spear.Florida
975.9 PATR FLORFlorida under five flags [by] Rembert W. Patrick and Allen Morris.Florida
975.9 TRANTranslation and transcription of church archives of Florida : Roman Catholic records, St. Augustine parish, White baptisms 1784-1792 / prepared by the Historical records survey, Division of community service programs, Work projects administration.Florida
975.9004 NEIL STORThe story of Florida's Seminole Indians / by Wilfred T. Neill.Florida
975.906 CARN FLORThe Florida Society Sons of the American Revolution, Inc. : centennial commemoration book 1896-1996 / compiled by William V. Carnes, Sr.Florida
975.906 TURN TIGHTight walk : lessons of a little St. Augustine street / James Turner; Les Thomas; Natalie Lucas.Florida
975.91 fl: COLLA collection of Bio-Genealogical Sketches of Selected Early Florida Pioneers / Compiled and Edited by Eugene R. Lytton, Sr.Florida
975.91 fl: PIONPioneers of Florida's first coast / compiled by the Southern Genealogist's Exchange Society.Florida
975.959 fl: LANE PICTA pictorial history of Arcadia and DeSoto County.Florida
B LORING RAABW.W. Loring : Florida's forgotten general / James W. Raab.Florida
973.7 BIOGBiographical rosters of Florida's confederate and union soldiers, 1861-1865 / David W. Hartman, compiler ; David Coles, associate compiler.Florida/CW
973.78 fl: WHIT REGIRegister of Florida CSA pension applications / transcribed by Virgil D. White.Florida/CW
973.38 fl FRIT PENSPension records of soldiers of the revolution who removed to Florida, with record of service, by Jessie Robinson Fritot.Florida/REV
016.9759 FLOR GUIDGuide to the records of the Florida State ArchivesFlorida/State Archives
975.8 ga: PARK PIONPioneers of Hart County, Georgia / Harold Travis Parker.Geogia
016 ga d18501850 Georgia mortality schedules or census / compiled and published by Aurora C. ShawGeorgia
016 ga:1790The reconstructed 1790 census of Georgia : substitutes for Georgia's lost 1790 census / compiled by Marie De Lamar & Elisabeth Rothstein.Georgia
016 ga:1820Index to United States census of Georgia for 1820.Georgia
016 ga:1830Index to the 1830 census of Georgia.Georgia
016 ga:1850The 1850 census of Georgia slave owners / compiled by Jack F. Cox.Georgia
016 ga:deca d1850Decatur County, Georgia, 1850 census / Floreda Duke Varick and Phyllis Rose Smith.Georgia
016.9758 DAVI RESEResearch in Georgia / compiled by Robert Scott Davis, Jr.Georgia
917.58 WIGH EARLEarly days of coastal Georgia. Photos. by Orrin Sage WightmanGeorgia
929.05 ga: GEORThe Georgia genealogical magazine; a magazine of genealogical source material concerning Georgians. Folks Huxford, editor. (3 vol)Georgia
929.3 ga DAVI SUPPSupplement to The Wilkes County papers, 1773-1833 / compiled by Robert Scott Davis, Jr. & edited by Edward E. Van Schaick, Jr.Georgia
929.3 ga DAVI WILKThe Wilkes County papers, 1773-1833 : a compilation of the genealogical information found in collections of loose court, estate, land, school, military, marriage, and other records of the ceded lands and Wilkes County, Georgia, from 1773 to 1833, wGeorgia
929.3 ga MISC JONEThe Germans of Colonial Georgia, 1733-1783 / George F. Jones.Georgia
929.3 ga WILLGeorgia intestate records / by Jeannette Holland Austin.Georgia
929.3 ga: AUST GEORThe Georgia frontier / by Jeannette Holland AustinGeorgia
929.3 ga:camdhe people of Camden County, Georgia : a finding index prior to 1850 / compiled and published by Shirley Joiner Thompson.Georgia
929.3 ga:camd HISTCamden's challenge : a history of Camden County, Georgia / compiled by Marguerite Reddick ; edited by Eloise Bailey, Virginia Proctor.Georgia
929.3 ga:camd HISTPioneers of Wiregrass, Georgia, Volume VI : a biographical account of some of the early settlers of that portion of Wiregrass Georgia embraced on the original counties of Camden, Glynn, Wayne, Appling and Irwin /Georgia
929.3 ga:coffWard's History of Coffee County / by Warren P. Ward ; with new index by Margaret H. C~annon.Georgia
929.3 ga:earl MISCCollections of Early County Historical Society.Georgia
929.3 ga:gwin HISTGwinnett County, Georgia families, 1818-1968 / edited by Alice Smythe McCabe ; compiled by Gwinnett Historical Society, Inc.Georgia
929.3 ga:jack HISTGone to Georgia : Jackson and Gwinnett counties and their neighbors in the western migration / compiled and with an introduction by William C. Stewart.Georgia
929.3 ga:lown HISTHistory of Lowndes County, Georgia, 1825-1941 : with new index / compiled by Mrs. Fred H. Hodges, Sr.Georgia
929.3 ga:meri HISTBrooks of honey and butter; plantations and people of Meriwether County, Georgia, by William H. Davidson.Georgia
929.3 ga:telf HISTHistory of Telfair County from 1812 to 1949 / compiled by Floris Perkins Mann ; with new index by Margaret H. Cannon.Georgia
929.3 ga:thom HISTAnte-bellum Thomas County, 1825-1861.Georgia
929.3758 BRAN INDEIndex to Georgia's 1867-1868 returns of qualified voters and registration oath books (White) / compiled by John David Brandenburg and Rita Binkley Worthy.Georgia
929.3758 FISH DEKADeKalb County, Georgia : marriage book A, 1846-1856 / abstracted & compiled by Mary S. Fisher.Georgia
929.3758 ga AUST GENEThe Georgians : genealogies of pioneer settlers / by Jeannette Holland Austin.Georgia
929.3758 ga AUST WILLSIndex to Georgia wills / by Jeannette Holland Austin.Georgia
929.3758 ga d18401840 index to Georgia census / published by Eileen Sheffield and Barbara Woods.Georgia
929.3758 ga d18501850 census, Clarke County, Georgia (seventh census of the United States) / compiled by Grace H. Jarvis.Georgia
929.3758 ga DAR HISTHistorical collections of the Joseph Habersham Chapter, Daughters American Revolution. Edited by Mrs. William Lawson Peel.Georgia
929.3758 ga GENEHistoric Georgia families / compiled by L.W. Rigsby.Georgia
929.3758 ga GENEGeorgia Bible records / compiled by Jeannette Holland Austin.Georgia
929.3758 ga GENEGeorgia Bible records : supplement, 1772-1940 / collected by Jeannette Holland Austin.Georgia
929.3758 ga MISCSome early tax digests of Georgia / collected and edited by Ruth Blair.Georgia
929.3758 ga: DAVI GEORGeorgia research : a Handbook for genealogists, historians, archivists, lawyers, librarians, and other researchers / Robert S. Davis and Ted O. Brooke.Georgia
929.3758 ga: HUXF PIONPioneers of Wiregrass Georgia; a biographical account of some of the early settlers of that portion of Wiregrass Georgia (11vol)Georgia
929.3758 ga:burk DAVIThe families of Burke County, 1755-1855 : a census / compiled by Robert Scott Davis, Jr., and Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.Georgia
929.3758 ga:burk HISTA history of Burke County, Georgia, 1777-1950 / by Albert M. Hillhouse.Georgia
929.3758 ga:jeff DURD HISTA history of Saint George Parish, colony of Georgia, Jefferson County, state of Georgia / by Marion Little Durden.Georgia
929.3758 ga:pier HISTHistory of Pierce County, Georgia / compiled and published by Dean Broome.Georgia
929.3758 ga:wilk SMIT WILLSEarly Georgia wills and settlements of estates, Wilkes County / by Sarah Quinn Smith.Georgia
929.3758 HEHI GEORGeorgia families : a bibliographic listing / by Donald M. Hehir.Georgia
929.5 ga: AUST THIR30,638 burials in Georgia / Jeannette Holland Austin.Georgia
973.3458 gaRoster of Revolutionary soldiers in Georgia / compiled by Mrs. Howard H. McCall. [Atlanta] Georgia Society, Daughters of the American Revolution [1941]Georgia
973.3458 gaGeorgia's roster of the Revolution / compiled by Lucian Lamar Knight, State historian and director of the Dept. of Archives and History.Georgia
975.8 ga : BAKE HISTHistory of Hart County, 1933.Georgia
975.8 ga: AUST FAYEFayette County, Georgia probate records, 1824-1871 / abstracted by Jeannette Holland Austin.Georgia
975.8543 ga:wilk DAVI HISTHistory of Wilkinson County / by Victor Davidson.Georgia
975.8595 ga: FARM MORGMorgan County, Georgia Inferior Court for Ordinary Purposes, 1808-1834 and Will Books A & B, 1808-1830 /Georgia
973.78 ga: WHIT INDEIndex to Georgia Civil War confederate pension files / transcribed by Virgil D. White.Georgia/CW
929 ga: HISTHistorical collections of the Georgia chapters, Daughters of the American revolution ...Georgia/DAR
431.1 BENT DECIDecipher Germanic records / by Edna M. BentzGermany
929 EBERHARTHistory of the Eberharts in Germany and the United States /Germany
929.1 JENS GENEA genealogical handbook of German research /Jensen, Larry O. (2)Germany
929.6 SEYL WAPPDie wappen burgerlicher geschlechter Deutsclands und der Schweiz.Germany
GEN 929.6 SEYL WAPPDie wappen burgerlicher geschlechter Deutsclands und der Schweiz.Germany
325.42 engOriginal lists of persons of quality, emigrants, religious exiles, political rebels,Great Britain
354.4103 canThe Oxford illustrated history of the British monarchy / John Cannon and Ralph Griffiths.Great Britain
929.1 engGuide to genealogical resources in the British Isles / by Dolores B. Owen.Great Britain
929.1 HERB ANCEAncestral trails : the complete guide to British genealogy and family history /Great Britain
929.342Visitation of England and Wales / edited by Joseph Jackson Howard, Maltravers herald extraordinary and Frederick Arthur Crisp.Great Britain
929.373 COLD LORDLord Mayor's Court of London : depositions relating to Americans, 1641-1736 /Great Britain
929.7 BURK ROYAThe royal families of England, Scotland, and Wales, with their descendants, sovereigns and subjects. By John Burke and John Bernard Burke.Great Britain
929.6 FAIRFairbairn's Book of crests of the families of Great Britain and Ireland.Great Britain/Ireland
001.433 SHEP AGEAge search information.Guide
016.929 KEMP AMERThe American census handbook / Thomas Jay Kemp.Guide
016.973 FLOR GENEGenealogy and local history : a bibliography / (4 copies)Guide
016.9756 SPIN INTRIntroductory guide to Indian-related records, to 1876, in the North Carolina State Archives / by Donna Spindel.Guide
025.8 TUTT OUNCAn ounce of preservation : a guide to the care of papers and photographs / Craig A. TuttleGuide
026.973 DIREDirectory of genealogical and historical societies in the US and Canada / edited by Dina C. Carson. (2)Guide
317.3 HINC YOURYour guide to the federal census for genealogists, researchers, and family historians / Kathleen W. Hinckley.Guide
369.1 HEREHereditary society blue book. (4 vol)Guide
369.1 HEREThe Hereditary register of the United States of America. (3 vol)Guide
369.12 GSCW d1999Yearbook / General Society of Colonial WarsGuide
369.12 SDPLineages of members of the National Society of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims / compiled from the original applications.Guide
369.13 sar d1962The history of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution,Guide
369.13 sar d1982The Sons of the American Revolution, 1962-1982 : an historical anthology / editor, Harry L. Walen.Guide
369.13 sar d1989Centennial history of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 1889-1989.Guide
369.13 sar d1993Membership directory / Sons of the American Revolution.Guide
369.13 sar fl d1981The Florida Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Inc. : history 1896-1981 / S. Floyd Coats.Guide
369.135 DARDAR sampler : dining with the decorative arts / National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.Guide
369.14 WAR d19701812 ancestor index, 1892-1970 : National Society United States Daughters of 1812 / compiled and edited by Eleanor Stevens Galvin.Guide
640 WEIS CONRConrad Weiser's Account book, 1746-1760 / translated and edited by Larry M. Neff and Frederick S. Weiser.Guide
929.1 ANCEAncestry's red book : American state, county & town sources / edited by Alice Eichholz ; maps by William Dollarhide.Guide
929.1 BALH GETTGetting started : how to begin researching your family history / Anne Ross Balhuizen.Guide
929.1 BAXT INIIn search of your European roots : a complete guide to tracing your ancestors in every country in Europe / Angus Baxter.Guide
929.1 BENT GENEThe genealogist's address book : state and local resources : with special resources including ethnic and religious organizations / Elizabeth Petty Bentley.Guide
929.1 BREM COMPCompendium of historical sources : the how and where of American genealogy / by Ronald A. Bremer.Guide
929.1 BYER AFRIAfrican American genealogical sourcebook / edited by Paula K. Byers.Guide
929.1 CARM YOURYour guide to cemetery research / Sharon DeBartolo Carmack.Guide
929.1 CEMECemeteries of the U.S. : a guide to contact information for U.S. cemeteries and their records.Guide
929.1 CERN ANCEAncestry's guide to research : case studies in American genealogy / by Johni Cerny & Arlene Eakle.Guide
929.1 CONS TRACTracing your roots / by the editors of Consumer guideGuide
929.1 CRAW LONGLong-distance genealogy / Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer.Guide
929.1 CROO GENEThe genealogist's companion and sourcebook / Emily Anne Croom.Guide
929.1 CROW GENEGenealogy online / Elizabeth Powell Crowe.Guide
929.1 CURR DEBRDebrett's guide to tracing your ancestry / Noel Currer-Briggs and Royston Gambier ; introduction by Iain Moncreiffe ; foreword by Lord Teviot.Guide
929.1 DOLL MANAManaging a genealogical project / by William Dollarhide.Guide
929.1 FILB DIREDirectory of American libraries with genealogy or local history collections /Guide
929.1 FIOC FAMIFamily reunions & clan gatherings : how-to assemble a memorable event for clan gatherings ... / by Shari L. Fiock.Guide
929.1 FRAN KEYSKeys to the courthouse / by Charles M. FranklinGuide
929.1 GENEGenealogical and biographical research : a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications.Guide
929.1 GILM GENEGenealogical research and resources : a guide for library use / by Lois C. Gilmer.Guide
929.1 GREE RESEThe researcher's guide to American genealogy / Val D. Greenwood.Guide
929.1 HANDThe Handy Book for genealogists : United States of America.Guide
929.1 HELM TRACTracing your ancestry : a step-by-step guide to researching your family history / F. Wilbur Helmbold ; [editor, Karen Phillips ; photos. Gerald Crawford].Guide
929.1 HILL GUIDGuide to records in the National Archives of the United States relating to American Indians / compiled by Edward E. Hill.Guide
929.1 HISPHispanic American genealogical sourcebook / edited by Paula K. Byers.Guide
929.1 HOFF GENEGenealogical & local history books in print : general reference & world resources volume / compiled and edited by Marian Hoffman.Guide
929.1 HOFF GENE A-NGenealogical & local history books in print : U.S. sources & Resources volume--North Carolina-Wyoming / compiled and edited by Marian Hoffman.Guide
929.1 HOFF GENE N-WGenealogical & local history books in print : U.S. sources & Resources volume--North Carolina-Wyoming / compiled and edited by Marian Hoffman.Guide
929.1 HOWE CYNDCyndi's list : a comprehensive list of 70,000 genealogy sites on the Internet /Cyndi's list : a comprehensive list of 70,000 genealogy sites on the Internet / Cyndi Howells. (more up to date if you go online)Guide
929.1 JOHN STUDA student's guide to African American genealogy / by Anne E. Johnson and Adam Merton Cooper.Guide
929.1 JOHN STUDA student's guide to British American genealogy / Anne E. Johnson.Guide
929.1 KEMP VIRTVirtual roots : a guide to genealogy and local history on the World Wide Web / Thomas J. Kemp.Guide
929.1 KIRK HANDThe handwriting of American records for a period of 300 years / by E. Kay Kirkham.Guide
929.1 KNOT BACKBack to basics, manual for successful family history research : "digging up your roots", ..Guide
929.1 KRAS DISCDiscovering your Jewish ancestors / Barbara Krasner-Khait.Guide
929.1 LACK CITECite your sources : a manual for documenting family histories and genealogical records / by Richard S. Lackey ; introduction by Winston DeVille.Guide
929.1 LATH HOWHow to find your family roots / by Timothy Field Beard, with Denise Demong.Guide
929.1 LDS LIBRThe Library : a guide to the LDS Family History Library / edited by Johni Cerny & Wendy Elliott.Guide
929.1 MCGR HOWHow to publish your genealogy : a step by step procedure from notes to printed book / by L.J. McGrady.Guide
929.1 MELN GENEThe genealogist's question & answer book / Marcia Yannizze Melnyk.Guide
929.1 MORR PRIMPrimer of genealogical research : basic through advanced / Mrs. Harry Joseph Morris (Louise Elizabeth Burton Morris).Guide
929.1 NATIThe National yellow book of funeral directors.Guide
929.1 NATI GENEGuide to genealogical research in the National Archives.Guide
929.1 PARK GOINGoing to Salt Lake City to do family history research / J. Carlyle Parker.Guide
929.1 POLL HOWHow to learn, enjoy, and teach basic genealogy : a complete and candid guide /Guide
929.1 POUL HISTThe historian's handbook; a descriptive guide to reference works / Helen J. PoultonGuide
929.1 PREZ GUIDGuide to genealogy software / by Donna Przecha, Joan Lowrey.Guide
929.1 PROFProfessional genealogy : a manual for researchers, writers, editors, lecturers, and librarians / editor, Elizabeth Shown Mills ; editorial board, Donn Devine, James L. Hansen, Helen F.M. Leary.Guide
929.1 REID GENEGenealogical research in England's Public Record Office : a guide for North Americans / Judith Prowse Reid.Guide
929.1 RYSK TRACTracing your Hispanic heritage / by George R. Ryskamp.Guide
929.1 SMIT GENEGenealogy is more than charts / by Lorna Duane Smith.Guide
929.1 SOURThe source : a guidebook of American genealogy / edited by Loretto Dennis Szucs and Sandra Hargreaves Luebking.Guide
929.1 STEV GENEGenealogical evidence : a guide to the standard of proof relating to pedigrees, ancestry, heirship and family history Guide
929.1 SZUC ARCHThe Archives : a guide to the National Archives field branches / by Loretto Dennis Szucs & Sandra Hargreaves Luebking.Guide
929.1 WARR YOURYour guide to the Family History Library / Paula Stuart Warren and James W. Warren.Guide
929.1 WASH GUIDA guide to tracing your family ancestors / Don Washington, author ; Heather Washington, editor.Guide
929.1 WEST FINDFinding your roots : how to trace your ancestors at home and abroad / Jeane Eddy Westin ; foreword by John J. Stewart.Guide
929.1 WILL KNOWKnow your ancestors; a guide to genealogical research.Guide
929.1 WILS RESEResearch guide in history / John R. M. WilsonGuide
929.1 WORLWorld Conference on Records : preserving our heritage, August 12-15, 1980.Guide
929.1 WRIG GENEThe genealogist's handbook : modern methods for researching family history / Raymond S. Wright, III.Guide
929.102 BUZB GETTGetting the most out of RootsMagic / Bruce Buzbee.Guide
929.102 HELM YOURYour official America Online guide to genealogy online / by Matthew L. Helm and April Leigh Helm.Guide
929.1072 CELECelebrating the family : the guide to understanding your family history / from the editors of Publishing.Guide
929.1072 EVER HANDThe Handybook for genealogists : United States of America.Guide
929.1072 ROSE COURCourthouse research for family historians : your guide to genealogical treasures / by Christine RoseGuide
929.1072 TAYL UNCOUncovering your ancestry through family photographs / Maureen A. TaylorGuide
929.2 VIRK COMPThe abridged compendium of American genealogy: first families of America. A genealogical encyclopedia of the United States.Guide
929.2025 BENTDirectory of family associations / Elizabeth Petty Bentley.Guide
929.20973 BURKBurke's American families with British ancestry : the lineages of 1,600 families of British origin now resident in the United States of America.Guide
929.20973 BURKBurke's presidential families of the United States of America / [edited by Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd]Guide
929.3 GENEGenealogical and biographical research : a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications.Guide
929.3 HENR NATINative American directory of (Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Wisconsin) / researched and compiled by Rainwaters in partnership with the guiding spirit of Aquina A Co Eechee (Jane Curtis Joseph Waters)Guide
929.3 SMIT FEDEFederal land series : a calendar of archival materials on the land patents issued by the United States Government, with subject, tract, and name indexes / Clifford Neal Smith.Guide
929.3 TITLTitles of genealogical books authors and call numbers : Orlando Public Library, Orlando, Florida / Boca Ciega Chapter DAR.Guide
929.342 engA genealogist's bibliography / by Cecil R. Humphery-Smith.Guide
929.6 FOX ARTThe art of heraldry : an encyclopaedia of armory / by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies.Guide
929.6 FOX COMPA complete guide to heraldry / by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies ; illustrated by eight plates in color and nearly 800 other designs, mainly from drawings by Graham Johnston.Guide
929.6 PINEThe genealogist's encyclopedia /by L.G. PineGuide
929.7 BURKBurke's peerage and baronetage. (Guide to the royal, aristocratic and historical families...)Guide
929.7 BURKA Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the peerage and baronetage : together with memoirs of the privy councillors and knights /Guide
929.7 BURK 1970A genealogical and heraldic history of the colonial gentry.Guide
GEN 929.6 GRAN MANUThe manual of heraldry; a concise description of the several terms used, and containing a dictionary of every designation in the science.Guide
REF 929.9 WEBSWebster's concise encyclopedia of flags & coats of arms / Ludvik Mucha ; illustrations by Stanislav Valasek ; editor, William G. Crampton.Guide
929.373 HINS QUAKEncyclopedia of American Quaker genealogy / by William Wade Hinshaw; compiled and edited by Thomas Worth Marshall.Guide/American Quaker
929.10285 QUILL MASTMastering census & military records / W. Daniel QuillenGuide/Census/Mil
929.3 DAUGDaughters of the American Revolution magazine /Guide/DAR
929.1 WOLF DODo people grow on family trees?: genealogy for kids & other beginners: the official Ellis Island handbookGuide/Ellis Island
929.1072 CARM FAMIhe family tree guide to finding your Ellis Island ancestors / Sharon DeBartolo Carmack.Guide/Ellis Island
929.6 LOUD HERAHeraldry of the royal families of Europe / tables by Jiri Louda ; text by Michael Maclagan.Guide/Europe
369.13 SAR FL d1996The Florida Society Sons of the American Revolution, Inc. : centennial commemoration book 1896-1996 /Guide/Florida
929.1 THOD GERMGerman-English genealogical dictionary / Ernest Thode.Guide/German
929.1 RADF GENEA genealogist's guide to discovering your Irish ancestors : how to find and record your unique heritage / Dwight A. Radford and Kyle J. Betit.Guide/Irish
929.2 pa: GUIDGuide to genealogical and historical research in Pennsylvania : 1985 supplement ; being a continuation of the 1978 Guide / by Hoenstine Rental Library.Guide/Pennsylvania
929.3748 DRUC GUIDA guide to genealogical sources at the Pennsylvania State Archives / by Robert M. Dructor.Guide/Pennsylvania
929.3748 EGLE PENNPennsylvania archives, second series / published under the direction of W.S. Stenger, Secretary of the Commonwealth ; edited by William H. Egle.Guide/Pennsylvania
929.1072 ROUL RESEResearching Scots-Irish ancestors : the essential genealogical guide to early modern Ulster, 1600-1800 / William J. Roulston.Guide/Scotch/Irish
929.42 englColonial settlers and English adventurers; abstracts of legal proceedings in seventeenth-century English and Dutch courts relating to immigrant families.Holland
923.5 BART FIGHFighting men of Illinois : an illustrated historical biography compiled from private and public authentic records / edited and published by S. C. Bartlett.Illinois
929.1 il: SCHW ILLIIllinois genealogical research / by George K. Schweitzer ; wordprocessing by Anne M. Smalley.Illinois
929.3 il:pope MARRPope County, Illinois /Lee, Judy ForemanIllinois
929.3773 REFLReflections of the 1937 flood : 50th anniversary, 1937-1987.Illinois
929.5 MACOMacoupin County Illinois Carlinville Township Cemeteries / Compiled by Macoupin County Historical SocietyIllinois
929.5097 TOMBTombstone revelations in Macoupin County, Illinois / compiled by Macoupin County Historical Society Illinois
929.3 il KENTKentuckians in Illinois /Illinois/Kentucky
016.929 UNIT IMMIImmigrant and passenger arrivals : a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications.Immigration
325 BOYE SHIPShip passenger lists : the South (1538-1825) / edited and indexed by Carl Boyer.Immigration
325 PASSPassenger ships arriving in New York Harbor / edited by Bradley W. Steuart ; illustrated by Wayne Cooper.Immigration
325.2 SESQThe sesquicentennial of Dutch immigration : 150 years of ethnic heritage / compiled and edited by Larry J. Wagenaar and Robert P. Swierenga.Immigration
325.244 BAIRHistory of the Huguenot emigration to America / by Charles W. Baird.Immigration
325.2494 LISTLists of Swiss emigrants in the eighteenth century to the American colonies /Immigration
325.4 :1614The complete book of emigrants in bondage, 1614-1775 /Immigration
325.4 FILBPassenger and immigration lists index : a guide to arrival records of about 500,000 passengers to the US and Canada in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries / (36 volumes)Immigration
325.4 paA collection of upwards of thirty thousand names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727-1776 ... = Chronologisch geordnete Sammlung von mehr als 30,000 Namen von Einwanderern in Pennsylvanien aus Deutschland,Immigration
325.4 SECOThe Second boat.Immigration
325.4 TEPP AMERAmerican passenger arrival records : a guide to the records of immigrants arriving at American ports by sail and steam / Michael Tepper.Immigration
325.42 COLThe complete book of emigrants / Peter Wilson Coldham.Immigration
325.42 engThe original lists of persons of quality, emigrants, religious exiles, political rebels, serving men sold for a term of years, apprentices, children stolen, maidens pressed, and others who went from Great Britain to the American plantations, 1600-1Immigration
325.42 engA list of emigrants from England to America, 1682-1692 : transcribed from the original records at the City of London Record Office / by Michael Ghirelli ; with introductory notes by Marion J. Kaminkow.Immigration
325.42 engOmitted chapters from Hotten's original lists of persons of quality and others who went from Great Britain to the American plantations, 1600-1700 : census returns, parish registers, and militia rolls from the Barbados census of 1679/80 /Immigration
325.42 ENGLPassengers to America : a consolidation of ship passenger lists from the New England historical and genealogical register / edited by Michael Tepper.Immigration
325.42 new engThe Winthrop fleet of 1630; an account of the vessels, the voyage, the passengers, and their English homes from original authorities.Immigration
325.43 gerGerman immigrants : lists of passengers bound from Bremen to New York [dates], with places of origin / compiled by Gary J. Zimmerman & Marion Wolfert.Immigration
325.43 GERMGerman immigrants : lists of passengers bound from Bremen to New York, 1868-1871, with places of origin / compiled by Marion Wolfert.Immigration
325.43 germThe German immigration into Pennsylvania through the port of Philadelphia from 1700 to 1775 and The redemptioners / by Frank Ried Diffenderffer.Immigration
325.47 ny 1875-82Migration from the Russian Empire : lists of passengers arriving at the Port of New York / edited by Ira A. Glazier.Immigration
325.47 ny 1882-86Migration from the Russian Empire : lists of passengers arriving at the Port of New York / edited by Ira A. Glazier.Immigration
325.73 MILLMigration, emigration, immigration : principally to the United States and in the United States / by Olga K. Miller.Immigration
325.748 MCCRThe Welcome claimants proved, disproved and doubtful, with an account of some of their descendants / by George E. McCracken ; with a foreword by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr.Immigration
325.748 SHEPassengers and ships prior to 1684 / reprints of articles with corrections, additions and new materials by Marion R. Balderston, Hannah Benner Roach, Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. ; reprints of related material by Francis James Dallett, Morgan Bunting, L. Taylor Dickson.Immigration
369.12 MAYFLO dc d1970Register of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the District of Columbia, 1970 : in commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth in 1620 /Immigration
929.1 COLL THEYThey came in ships : a guide to finding your immigrant ancestor's arrival record / by John Philip Colletta.Immigration
929.3 MAYFThe Mayflower descendant : a quarterly magazine of pilgrim genealogy and history.Immigration
929.341 SMIT IMMIImmigrants to America appearing in English records / By Frank Smith [and David Gardner].Immigration
929.373 COLD AMERAmerican migrations, 1765-1799 : the lives, times, and families of colonial Americans who remained loyal to the British Crown before, during, and after the Revolutionary War, as related in their own words and through their correspondence / Peter Wilson Coldham.Immigration
929.373 COLD BONDBonded passengers to America / by Peter Wilson Coldham.Immigration
929.37405 GREAGreat migration newsletter : volumes 1 through 5 (1990-1994) / Robert Charles Anderson, editor.Immigration
929.3744 MAYFLOWERMayflower increasings / by Susan E. Roser.Immigration
929.7 ROBE ROYAThe royal descents of 500 immigrants to the American colonies or the United States : who were themselves notable or left descendants notable in American history : 2nd printing, with a bibliographical supplement, 1993-2000 / Gary Boyd Roberts.Immigration
325.4 ANDE GREAThe great migration begins : immigrants to New England, 1620-1633 / 1634-1635Immigration/New England
016 in:18501850 Indiana mortality schedule.Indiana
929.3 in:foun MARRFountain County, Indiana, marriage records / compiled by Miriam Luke.Indiana
929.3 in:spen CEMECemetery inscriptions, Spencer County, State of Indiana,Indiana
929.1 GREN TRACTracing your Irish ancestors : the complete guide / John Grenham.Ireland
929.1 IRISHIrish records : sources for family and local history / by James G. Ryan.Ireland
929.3 ks:Kansas territorial settlers of 1860, who were born in Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina : a compilation with historical annotations and editorial comment / by Clara Hamlett Robertson.Kansas
016 kySecond census of Kentucky 1800 / by G. Glenn Clift.Kentucky
016 ky:1820Index to the 1820 census of Kentucky / compiled by Jeanne Robey Felldin & Gloria Kay Vandiver Inman.Kentucky
929.1 ky: HOGA KENTKentucky ancestry : a guide to genealogical and historical research / by Roseann Reinemuth Hogan.Kentucky
929.1 ky: SCHW KENTKentucky genealogical research / by George K. SchweitzerKentucky
929.3 :ky KENTKentucky family records. (8 vol)Kentucky
929.3 KENTKentucky : from its settlement to the civil war / Arlene H. Eakle, Editor.Kentucky
929.3 ky:Hopkins County, Kentucky tax list 1807, marriages 1807-1869 / [copied ... by Evelyn M. Cox].Kentucky
929.3 ky: 1797-1865Kentucky marriages, 1797-1865 / compiled by G. Glenn Clift.Kentucky
929.3 ky: KING ABSTAbstract of early Kentucky wills and inventories : copied from original and recorded wills and inventories Kentucky
929.3 ky:ohio HISTOhio County, Kentucky, in the olden days; a series of old newspaper sketches of fragmentary history, by Harrison D. Taylor. Prepared for publication in book form by his granddaughter Mary Taylor Logan. With an introd. by Otto A. Rothert.Kentucky
929.3769 ky: OHIOOhio County, Kentucky : 1850 census.Kentucky
929.3769 OHIOOhio County, Kentucky cemeteries.Kentucky
976.97 ky: INDEIndex of Ohio County, Kentucky, circuit court equity records : files 1-5500, years 1800-1900, microfilm reels 2-52, Section I & Section II : microfilmed from original records by West Central Kentucky Family Research Association ... 1979-1986.Kentucky
GEN 976.9 REGIThe Register of the Kentucky Historical Society.Kentucky
929.5 JOHN WILDWilderness Road cemeteries in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia / by Robert Foster Johnson.KY/TN/VA
929.3 me:linc MISCWorld of the old Nequasset Meeting House / by Burnette B. Wallace.Maine
GEN 973.3441 FISH SOLDSoldiers, sailors, and patriots of the Revolutionary War, Maine / compiled by Carleton E. Fisher, Sue G. Fisher.Maine
929.3 me GENE NOYEGenealogical dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, by Sybil Noyes, Charles Thornton Libby [and] Walter Goodwin Davis.Maine/New Hampshire
929.3 me: 1623-1660The pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, 1623 to 1660; a descriptive list, drawn from records of the colonies, towns, churches, courts and other contemporary sources. By Charles Henry Pope... With foreword by James Phinney Baxter...Maine/New Hampshire
016.9752 MARYGuide to the research collections of the Maryland Historical Society : historical and genealogical manuscripts and oral history interviews / edited by Richard J. Cox and Larry E. Sullivan.Maryland
728.6 FORM TIDETidewater Maryland architecture and gardensMaryland
929 md:balt DAVI BALTBaltimore County, Maryland deed records / John Davis.Maryland
929.2 md COLD SETTSettlers of Maryland, 1701-1730 / Peter Wilson Coldham.Maryland
929.2 md COLD SETTSettlers of Maryland, 1679-1700.Maryland
929.2 SUMMERS md:prgeThe first three generations of John Summers of Prince George's County, Maryland / by Rosemary B. Dodd and Helen Summers Holweck.Maryland
929.3 mdMaryland records : colonial, revolutionary, county, and church, from original sources / by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh.Maryland
929.3 md HISTThe flowering of the Maryland palatinate : an intimate and objective history of the Province of Maryland to the overthrow of proprietary rule in 1654, with accounts of Lord Baltimore's settlement at Avalon /Maryland
929.3 md:anne HISTThe early settlers of Maryland : an index to names of immigrants compiled from records of land patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland / edited with an introd. by Gust Skordas and a foreword by Morris L. Radoff.Maryland
929.3 md:anne HISTThe founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland : a genealogical and biographical review from wills, deeds, and church records / by J. D. Warfield.Maryland
929.3 md:char HISTCharles County gentry: a genealogical history of six emigrants - Thomas Dent, John Dent, Richard Edelen, John Hanson, George Newman, Humphrey Warren: all scions of armorial families of old England who settled in Charles County, Maryland, and their deMaryland
929.3 md:stma MARR DEATMarriages and deaths, St. Mary's County, Maryland, 1634-1900 / by Margaret K. Fresco.Maryland
929.3 NEWM MARYMaryland revolutionary records : data obtained from 3,050 pension claims and bounty land applications, Maryland
929.3752 md PASSAn index of the source records of Maryland : genealogical, biographical, historical / by Eleanor Phillips Passano ; with a new introd. by P.W. Filby.Maryland
929.2 BACONMaryland and Virginia Colonials : genealogies of some Colonial families : families of Bacon, Beall, Beasley, Cheney, Duckett, Dunbar, Ellyson, Elmore, Graves, Heydon, Howard, Jacob, Morris, Nuthall, Odell, Peerce, Reeder, Ridgley, Prather, Sprigg, Wesson, Williams, and collateral kin / Sharon J. DolMaryland/Virginia
016 md:1820Index to the 1820 census of Maryland and Washington, D.C. / compiled by Gary W. Parks.Maryland/Washington, DC
016 ma:1800Index to the 1800 census of Massachusetts / compiled by Elizabeth Petty Bentley.Massachusetts
929.2 ma ELIOTJohn Eliot and the indians : 1604-1690 / by J. Tremayne Copplestone.Massachusetts
929.3 ma GENE HOYTThe old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts : with some related families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich, and Hampton, and of York County, Maine /Massachusetts
974.44 ma: CUTT HISTHistory of the town of Arlington, Massachusetts. : Formerly the second precinct in Cambridge or district of Menotomy, afterward the town of West Cambridge. 1635-1879. With a genealogical register of the inhabitants of the precinct / by Benjamin and William R. Cutter.Massachusetts
974.45 SALESalem tercentenary, July 4th to 10th : official program of the celebration and episodes in history / Comp. by John D.H. Gauss.Massachusetts
369.12 SDCC WEISThe colonial clergy of Maryland, Delaware, and Georgia / by Frederick Lewis Weis.MD/DE/GA
369.14 WAR d1972Register of the General Society of the War of 1812, 1972 / edited by Frederick Ira Ordway, Jr.; advertising editor, John Griffin Richardson Rountree.Military
369.14 WAR d1989The Roster of the General Society of the War of 1812 / compiled and edited by Dennis F. Blizzard ; with an introduction by John W.W. Loose.Military
369.14 WAR d1994Descendants of War of 1812 veterans : General Society of the War of 1812 : founders' register, commemoration, 1894-1994 /Military
369.17 MOSB d1998Military Order of the Stars and Bars.Military
369.17 SCV d2001Sons of Confederate Veterans membership directory /Military
911.73 SYMO BATTA battlefield atlas of the American Revolution / by Craig Symonds ; cartography by William J. Clipson.Military
929.1 GROE TRACTracing your Civil War ancestor, by Bertram Hawthorne GroeneMilitary
929.1 NATI INDEIndex of Revolutionary War pension applications in the National Archives.Military
929.3 NEAG USU.S. military records : a guide to federal and state sources, Colonial America to the present / by James C. Neagles.Military
929.3 REVORevolutionary War genealogy /by George K. SchweitzerMilitary
929.3 WHIT INDEIIndex to War of 1812 pension files / transcribed by Virgil D. White.Military
929.3 WHIT INDEIndex to old wars pension files, 1815-1926 / transcribed by Virgil D. White.Military
940.54097 GAWN FINDFinding your father's war : a practical guide to researching and understanding service in the World War II U.S. Army / Jonathan Gawne.Military
973.34 BOCK REVORevolutionary War Bounty land grants / Lloyd DeWitt BockstruckMilitary
973.34 GRUN FORGForgotten patriots : African American and American Indian patriots in the Revolutionary War : a guide to service, sources and studies / Eric G. Grundset, editor and project manager ; with Briana L. Diaz, Hollis L. Gentry, and Jean D. Strahan, researchers.Military
973.4 CLAR AMERAmerican militia in the frontier wars, 1790-1796 / by Murtie June Clark.Military
973.711 KENN SOUTThe South was right! / James Ronald Kennedy, Walter Donald Kennedy.Military
973.73013 SEGA INIn search of Confederate ancestors : the guide / by J.H. Segars ; edited by John McGlone.Military
973.78 OSHE AMERAmerican Heritage battle maps of the Civil War / text by Richard O'Shea ; featuring maps by David Greenspan ; introduced by Robert K. Krick.Military
973.78 PHOTThe photographic history of the Civil War : complete and unabridged.Military
973.78 tn: SIST INDEIndex to Tennessee Confederate pension applications / transcribed and edited by Samuel Sistler.Military
973.913 BACH FOURThe Fourth Division : its services and achievements in the World War / gathered from the records of the Division by Christian A. Bach ... and Henry Noble Hall; with five illustrations painted from life by Captain Leon Dabo.Military
973.913 cn BIDW EASTEast Hartford's share in the World War / compiled for the East Hartford World War Memorial Committee by Daniel D. Bidwell.Military
973.913 GANS HISTHistory of the 126th Infantry in the war with Germany / by Emil B. Gansser, under the direction of the 126th Infantry Association.Military
973.913 HISTA history of the Sixty-third U.S. Infantry, 1917-1919.Military
973.913 HISTA history of the 313th Field Artillery U.S.A.Military
973.913 pa HISTHistory of the Pennsylvania Hospital Unit (Base Hospital no. 10, U.S.A.) in the Great War.Military
973.913 STEV OFFIThe official history of the Fifth Division, U.S.A., during the period of its organization and of its operations in the European World War, 1917-1919 : the Red Diamond (Meuse) Division /Military
973.913 STORThe story of the 91st Division.Military
GEN 929.3778 BLET OUROur Civil War ancestorsMilitary
973.52456 ncMuster rolls of the soldiers of the War of 1812 detached from the Militia of North Carolina in 1812 and 1814 / published under the direction of the Adjutant General ; with an added index by Maurice S. Toler.Military/1812
973.528 WAR OF 1812War of 1812 genealogy / by George K. Schweitzer ; word processing by Anne M. Smalley.Military/1812
976.773 ODON CIVIThe Civil War quadrennium : a narrative history of day-to-day life in Little Rock, Arkansas, during the American War Between the States, 1861-1865 / by William W. O'Donnell.Military/Arkansas
973.913 ASHB HISTHistory of the 324th Field Artillery, United States Army, by T. Q. Ashburn.Military/Army
016.9737 SCHW CIVICivil War genealogy : a basic research guide for tracing your Civil War ancestors, with detailed sources and precise instructions for obtaining information from them / by George K. Schweitzer.Military/CW
929.3778 BLET OUROur Civil War ancestors / written by members ; compiled by Mildred Blett & Mildred Evans.Military/CW
973.741 ROSTThe roster of Union soldiers, 1861-1865 / edited by Janet B. Hewett. (30 multiple volumes)Military/CW
973.741 UNIOThe Union Army : a history of military affairs in the loyal states, 1861-65 : records of the regiments in the Union Army, cyclopedia of battles, memoirs of commanders and soldiers. 9 volsMilitary/CW
973.742 ALLA MOREMore generals in gray / Bruce S. Allardice.Military/CW
973.742 BLACBlack southerners in gray : essays on Afro-Americans in Confederate armies / by Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr. ... [et al.] ; with an epilogue by Andrew Chandler Battaile ; edited by Richard Rollins.Military/CW
973.742 CONFConfederate military history : a library of Confederate States history, in seventeen volumes / written by distinguished men of the South, and edited by Clement A. Evans of Georgia. (17 vols)Military/CW
973.742 CONFConfederate military history : cumulative index / Joseph H. Crute, Jr.Military/CW
973.742 CRUT UNITUnits of the Confederate States Army / Joseph H. Crute, Jr.Military/CW
973.742 FORGForgotten Confederates : an anthology about Black Southerners / compiled & edited by Charles Kelly Barrow, J.H. Segars & R.B. Rosenburg.Military/CW
973.742 FREE LEESLee's lieutenants : a study in command / by Douglas Southall Freeman.Military/CW
973.742 in:mariConfederate burials in Crown Hill Cemetery, Marion County, Indiana / [Sue Buckner].Military/CW
973.742 INGM CONFConfederate officers of Texas / Frances T. Ingmire.Military/CW
973.742 INGM CONFConfederate P.O.W.'s : soldiers & sailors who died in federal prisons & military hospitals in the North.Military/CW
973.742 KRIC LEESLee's colonels : a biographical register of the field officers of the Army of Northern Virginia / by Robert K. Krick.Military/CW
973.742 ROSTThe roster of Confederate soldiers, 1861-1865 / edited by Janet B. Hewett. (multiple volumes)Military/CW
973.742 WARN GENEGenerals in gray : lives of the Confederate commanders / by Ezra J. WarnerMilitary/CW
973.78 tx: WHIT INDEIndex to Texas CSA pension files / transcribed by Virgil D. White.Military/CW
973.9 CONFThe Confederate Veteran magazine. (42 vols)Military/CW
973.742 ga: HEND ROSTRoster of the Confederate soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865 / Lillian Henderson.Military/CW/Georgia
fl: 973.759 CONFConfederate soldiers and sailors buried in the State of Florida /Military/FL
929.4 fl:flag NEWSNews about Flagler Countians in military service : stories & letters appearing in the Flagler tribune 1941-1946 / compiled by Claude Sisco Deen, Jr.Military/Florida
973.737 LODE FARFar, far from home : the Ninth Florida Regiment in the Confederate Army / Gary Loderhose.Military/Florida
973.782 ga: MURR SOUTSouth Georgia rebels : the true wartime experiences of the 26th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Lawton-Gordon-Evans Brigade, Confederate States Army, 1861-1865 / by Alton J. Murray.Military/Georgia
973.3448 paThe Pennsylvania-German in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 / by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Richards.Military/Pennsylvania
973.7448 CODD ROLEThe role of the One hundred and fifty-third regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers Infantry, in the Civil War, 1862-1863 / Edwin B. Coddington.Military/Pennsylvania
973.38 CENSA census of pensioners for revolutionary or military services : with their names, ages, and places of residence ... under the act for taking the sixth census. Bound with a general index / prepared by The Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.Military/Pensions
973.38 WHIT GENEGenealogical abstracts of Revolutionary War pension files / abstracted by Virgil D. White.Military/REV
929.1 CLAR PENSThe pension lists of 1792-1795 : with other Revolutionary War pension records / compiled by Murtie June Clark.Military/REV
929.2 PETTIGRELetters to Lauretta, 1849-1863 from Darlinton, SC, and a Confederate soldier's camp / edited by W. Joseph Bray, Jr., Jerome J. Hale.Military/SC
973.345 va CLARColonial soldiers of the South, 1732-1774 / by Murtie June Clark ; with an index by Judith McGhan.Military/South
973.913 88THThe 88th Division in the World War of 1914-1918.Military/WWI
973.913 32NDThe 32nd Division in the World War, 1917-1919 / issued by the joint war history commissions of Michigan and Wisconsin.Military/WWI/MI/WI
929.3762 ms:pont CEMECemeteries of Pontotoc County, Mississippi / compiled by : Pontotoc County Historical Society.Mississippi
929.1 mo: SCHW MISSMissouri genealogical research / by George K. Schweitzer Missouri
929.3 mo MARRMissouri marriages before 1840 / compiled by Susan Ormesher ; with an index by Robert & Catherine Barnes.Missouri
369.12 WEIS COLOThe colonial clergy of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina / by Frederick Lewis WeisNC & SC
929.3 sc LANDNorth Carolina land grants in South Carolina / Brent H. Holcomb.NC & SC
929.375 nc HEHICarolina families : a bibliography of books about North and South Carolina families / by Donald M. Hehir.NC & SC
975.6 KENN SCOTScots-Irish in the Carolinas, TheNC & SC
929.3768 BURG NORTNorth Carolina land grants in Tennessee, 1778-1791 / compiled by Goldene Fillers Burgner.NC/Tennessee
929.3 ma:barn HISTCape Cod Library of local history and genealogy : a facsimile edition o
f 108 pamphlets published in the early 20th century / compiled and indexed by Leonard H. Smith, Jr.
New England
929.3 new engA genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England : showing three generations of those who came before May, 1692, on the basis of Farmer's register / by James Savage.New England
929.374 NEWThe New England historical and genealogical register : index of persons, volumes 51-148 / Jane Fletcher Fiske, editor.New England
929.374 SANB SECOSecond supplement to Torrey's New England Marriages prior to 1700 / Melinde Lutz Sanborn.New England
929.374 SANB SUPPSupplement to Torrey's New England marriages prior to 1700 / Melinde Lutz Sanborn.New England
929.374 TORR NEWNew England marriages prior to 1700 / Clarence Almon Torrey ; with an introduction by Gary Boyd Roberts ; prepared for publication by Elizabeth P. Bentley.New England
974.005 NEWThe New England historical and genealogical register / New-England Historic Genealogical Society.New England
GEN 929.373 RIGL DESCDescendants of New England Protestant missionaries to the Sandwich Islands (Hawaiian Islands), 1820-1900 : an alphabetically arranged copy of births, marriages, and deaths from the records of the Hawaiian Mission Children's Society Library, Honolulu,New England
929.3744 BANK ENGLThe English ancestry and homes of the Pilgrim Fathers : who came to Plymouth on the "Mayflower" in 1620, the "Fortune" in 1621, and the "Anne" and the "Little James" in 1623 / by Charles Edward Banks.New England/English
971.981 WILS HISTA history of Pitman, New Jersey : cottagers and commuters / by Harold F. Wilson in collaboration with the Pitman History Committee.New Jersey
973.38 STRA CERT : njCertificates and receipts of revolutionary New Jersey / Dorothy Agans Stratford and Thomas B. Wilson.New Jersey
016 ny:1800Index to the 1800 census of New York / compiled by Barbra Kay Armstrong.New York
355.0071 UNIT CENTThe centennial of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, 1802-1902.New York
369.12 SAS d1956Two hundredth anniversary, 1756-1956, of Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York / edited and compiled by David Baillie Morrison ; Alexander Hamilton, chairman, History Committee ; David B. McVean, chairman, Two Hundredth Anniversary Committee.New York
920 KING NOTANotable New Yorkers of 1896-1899 : a companion volume to King's handbook of New York City.New York
929.2 nyHistoric homes and institutions and genealogical and family history of New York,New York
929.3 nyGazetteer of the state of New York / J.H. French ; reprinted with an Index of names compiled by Frank Place.New York
929.3 nyLists of inhabitants of colonial New York : excerpted from the Documentary history of the State of New-York / [edited] by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan ; indexed by Rosanne Conway.New York
929.3 ny HIST MARLBig Moose Station / William R. Marleau. Introduction by Thomas J. Marleau.New York
929.3 ny MARRNew York marriages previous to 1784 : a reprint of the original edition of 1860, with additions and corrections ...New York
929.3 ny VITA10,000 vital records of central New York, 1813-1850 / Fred Q. Bowman.New York
929.3 ny VITA10,000 vital records of western New York, 1809-1850 / Fred Q. Bowman.New York
929.3 ny:VITAL10,000 vital records of eastern New York, 1777-1834 / Fred Q. Bowman.New York
929.3747The New York genealogical and biographical record.New York
016 nc:1800Index to the 1800 census of North Carolina / compiled by Elizabeth Petty Bentley.North Carolina
016 nc:1810IIndex to the 1810 census of North Carolina / compiled by Elizabeth Petty Bentley.North Carolina
929 ABSTAbstracts of deeds of Cumberland County, North Carolina / William C. Fields, editor (2vol)North Carolina
929.2 ncHistory of North Carolina.North Carolina
929.2 ncOne dozen pre-Revoluntionary War families of eastern North Carolina, and some of their descendants.North Carolina
929.2 ncSome colonial and Revolutionary families of North Carolina / Smallwood, Marilu BurchNorth Carolina
929.20973 nc: HOLC MECKMecklenburg County, North Carolina deed abstracts, 1763-1779 / by Brent H. Holcomb and Elmer O. ParkerNorth Carolina
929.3 ARGYArgyll Colony plus. (12 vol) journal of the North Carolina Scottish Heritage SocietyNorth Carolina
929.3 nc GENEIndex of North Carolina ancestors / contributed by 1003 of their descendants.North Carolina
929.3 nc MARRNorth and South Carolina marriage records from the earliest colonial days to the Civil War.North Carolina
929.3 nc WILLNorth Carolina wills : a testator index, 1665-1990 / Thornton W. Mtichell.North Carolina
929.3 nc: SCHW NORTNorth Carolina genealogical research / by George K. Schweitzer ; wordprocessing by Anne M. Smalley.North Carolina
929.3 nc:bunc HISTThe Heritage of old Buncombe County / Doris Cline, editor, Charles D. Biddex, associate editor.North Carolina
929.3 nc:meck WILLSMecklenburg County, North Carolina abstracts of early wills, 1763-1790 (1749-1790) / by Brent H. Holcomb.North Carolina
929.3456 nc:ruth HISTHistory of old Tryon and Rutherford Counties, North Carolina, 1730-1936 : to which has been added an appendix, Public officials of Rutherford County, N.C., 1779-1934 / by Clarence W. Griffin.North Carolina
929.3756 nc: HOLC ANSOAnson County, North Carolina, deed abstracts, 1749-1766, abstracts of wills & estates, 1749-1795 / by Brent H. Holcomb.North Carolina
929.3756 nc: MCBE ANSOAnson County, North Carolina : abstracts of early records / compiled by May Wilson McBee.North Carolina
929.3756 ne: COLOColonial Granville County and its people : loose leaves from "The lost tribes of North Carolina" / complied and edited by Worth S. Ray.North Carolina
975.605 ne: RAYSRay's index and digest to Hathaway's North Carolina historical and genealogical register : with genealogical notes and annotations / compiled and edited by Worth S. Ray.North Carolina
973.3456 nc: ROOSRoster of soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution : with an appendix containing a collection of miscellaneous records.North Carolina/REV
975.78 KELL CAROCarolina Scots : an historical and genealogical study of over 100 years of emigration / Douglas F. Kelly, with Caroline Switzer Kelly.North/South Carolina
929.3 nova scotiaLoyalists and land settlement in Nova Scotia / A list compiled by Marion Gilroy ; under the direction of D.C. Harvey, archivist. Published by authority of the Board of Trustees of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.Nova Scotia
929.1 OHIOOhio genealogical research / by George K. Schweitzer.Ohio
929.3 BREN HISTThe history of the Homer Eli and Viola (Davis) Roush Family of Meigs County Ohio / by George Joseph Brenick, Jr.Ohio
929.3 oh MARROhio marriages : extracted from the Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly / edited by Marjorie Smith.Ohio
929.3 oh: POWE EARLEarly Ohio tax records : reprinted with The Index to Early Ohio Tax Records Ohio
929.3 oh:lawr BroA Story about Lawrence County, Ohio.Ohio
929.3 OHIOOhio source records from the Ohio genealogical quarterly.Ohio
016 pa:1800Index to 1800 Census / a study of the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch / KuhnsPennsylvania
325.243 : pa KUHN GERMThe German and Swiss Settlements of Colonial Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
325.243 : pa KUHN GERMThe German and Swiss settlements of colonial Pennsylvania : a study of the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch / by Oscar Kuhns.Pennsylvania
338.7 DRIN BETHBethlehem Steel Corporation : a history from origin to World War I / by W. Bruce DrinkhousePennsylvania
369.12 CSPThe Colonial Society of Pennsylvania : charter, constitution, by-laws, officers, members, etc.Pennsylvania
929.1 pa: HEIS HANDHandbook for genealogical research in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
929.2 paGenealogies of Pennsylvania families : from The Pennsylvania genealogical magazine / with an introduction by Don Yoder.Pennsylvania
929.2 pa: CART PENNPennsylvania research tips : including Philadelphia / Fran Carter-Walker.Pennsylvania
929.2 pa: PROCProceedings of the Lehigh County Historical Society / Mahlon H. Hellerich, editor.Pennsylvania
929.2 pa:fayeLa Fayette was here in Fayette County, Pa. Were your ancestors? : a collection of the ancestor charts of the members of the Fayette County Genealogical Society.Pennsylvania
929.2 pa:luze BURIBurial records of Luzerne County, Pa.Pennsylvania
929.2 pa:luze WINA INDEIndex of Part II, "Biographical sketches" from the History of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania,Pennsylvania
929.2 PATTON AGRI PATTPatton Lineages : Originating in Pennsylvania pior to the revolution. / by David V. Agricola.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa GENEGenealogies of Pennsylvania families : from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography / with an introduction by Milton Rubincam.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa HISTPennsylvania vital records : from The Pennsylvania genealogical magazine and The Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography / with an introduction by Don Yoder.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa HISTThe provincial councillors of Pennsylvania : who held office between 1733-1776 and those earlier councillors who were some time chief magistrates of the province, and their descendants / by Charles P. Keith.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa QUAKQuaker arrivals at Philadelphia, 1682-1750; being a list of certificates of removal received at Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of Friends / by Albert Cook Myers.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:allePittsburgh, Pa. Gazette genealogical gleanings, 1786-1820 : vol. 1 / by Mark H. Welchley.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:beavBeaver, Pennsylvania Argus genealogical gleanings, 1830-58 /Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:beav1917 Beaver County farm directory.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:beav cemeBeaver County, Pennsylvania cemetery records / edited by Bob and Mary Closson.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:beav histHistory of Beaver County, Pennsylvania : including its early settlement, its erection into a separate county, its subsequent growth and development, sketches of its boroughs, villages and townships, portraits of some of its prominent men, biographies of many of its representative citizens, statisticPennsylvania
929.3 pa:beav marrBeaver County, Pa. marriages, 1830-1873 from Beaver Co. newspapers / Mark H. Welchley.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:berks MONT HISTHistorical and biographical annals of Berks County, Pennsylvania, embracing a concise history of the county and a genealogical and biographical record of representative families, comp. by Morton L. Montgomery ...Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:faye BIOGBiographical and portrait cyclopedia of Fayette County, Pennsylvania : with new index / published for the Heritage Society of Pennsylvania.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:faye CEMESome Fayette County, Pennsylvania cemeteries / compiled by Kathryn Cooley Miller.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:faye CEMECemeteries of Fayette County, PA / compiled by Rose Yaniga, John J. Yanik, Jr.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:faye OAK GROVEOak Grove Cemetery : located on Route 40 west of Uniontown Fayette County, PA.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:faye WILLIndex to Fayette Co., Pa., wills, 1783-1900 / compiled by Bob and Mary Closson.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:phil landWarrantees of land in the county of Philadelphia Pa., 1730-1898.Pennsylvania
929.3 pa:phil WILLIndex to wills & administration records : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Compiled & published by Richard T. & Mildred C. Williams ; revised and reprinted by Mildred C. Willaims & Janet R. Brittingham.Pennsylvania
929.3748 ROAC PENNThe Pennsylvania militia in 1777 / Hannah Benner Roach.Pennsylvania
929.5 pa:perr 3030 Perry County, Pennsylvania cemetery records : complete tombstone inscriptions.Pennsylvania
973.741 pa: BATE HISTHistory of Pennsylvania volunteers, 1861-5 : prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature / by Samuel P. Bates. (14 vols)Pennsylvania
974.8 PENNPennsylvania, her counties, her townships and her towns / the ResearchersPennsylvania
929.3 pa: HOCK GENEGenealogical data relating to the German settlers of Pennsylvania and adjacent territory : from advertisements in German newspapers published in Philadelphia and Germantown, 1743-1800 / by Edward W. Hocker ; indexed by Thomas L. Hollowak.Pennsylvania/ German
325.4 SECOThe Second boat.Pennsylvania/Immigration
929.273 GREE DESCDescendants of Joseph Greene, of Westerly, R.I. : Also, other branches of the Greenes of Quidnesset, or Kingston, R.I., and other lines of Greenes in America ; By Frank L. Greene.Rhode Island
929.3 riThe genealogical dictionary of Rhode Island : comprising three generations of settlers who came before 1690 (with many families carried to the fourth generation) / by John Osborne Austin ; with additions and corrections by John Osborne Austin ; and additions and corrections by G. Andrews Moriarty Rhode Island
929.3 ri: HISTThe Narragansett historical register : a magazine devoted to the antiquities, genealogy and historical matter illustrating the history of the state of Rhode Island and Providence plantations. Volume 7. 1882-3 / James N. Arnold, editor.Rhode Island
325.41 DOBSDirectory of Scottish settlers in North America, 1625-1825 / by David Dobson.Scotland
325.41 SCOTThe original Scots colonists of early America, 1612-1783 / by David Dobson.Scotland
929.2 MACARTHURThe origin of Clan MacArthur / by Mary Shelton (McArthur) English ; edited by Robert C. McArtor.Scotland
929.4 SCOTThe Scottish Tartans : with historical sketches of the clans and families of Scotland, the arms of chiefs of clans and families and clansmen's badges / revised by Sir Thomas Innes of Learney; illustrated by William Semple.Scotland
929.4 SCOTThe origin and signification of Scottish surnames, with a vocabulary of Christian names.Scotland
929.4 SCOTScots kith and kin and illustrated map : pictorial map and guide to your clan, family and tartan.Scotland
929.4 SCOTThe Scottish clans & their tartans : history of each clan and full list of septs.Scotland
929.42 MCNI CLANClan Maclaren / compiled by Alan McNie.Scotland
912.757 MILL MILLMills' atlas : atlas of the state of South Carolina, 1820.South Carolina
929.1 sc: SCHW SOUTSouth Carolina genealogical research / by George K. SchweitzerSouth Carolina
929.2 sc HUGOA contribution to the history of the Huguenots of South Carolina consisting of pamphlets / by Samuel Dubose and Frederick A. Porcher.South Carolina
929.2 STRONGStrong and allied families : from the papers of Miss Esther Strong, Chester, S.C. / edited by Teresa M. Hicks.South Carolina
929.3 sc DEATMarriage and death notices from upper S.C. newspapers, 1843-1865 : abstracts from newspapers of Laurens, Spartanburg, Newberry and Lexington districts /South Carolina
929.3 sc GENESouth Carolina genealogies : articles from the South Carolina historical (and genealogical) magazine.South Carolina
929.3 sc GENEA collection of upper South Carolina genealogical and family records / editor, James E. Wooley.South Carolina
929.3 sc GENESouth Carolina genealogies : articles from the South Carolina historical (and genealogical) magazine.South Carolina
929.3 sc HISTA South Carolina chronology, 1497-1970 [by] George C. Rogers, Jr.South Carolina
929.3 sc HISTSouth Carolina: a synoptic history for laymen, by Lewis P. Jones.South Carolina
929.3 sc HISTThe first voyage and settlement at Charles Town, 1670-1680 [by] Joseph I. Waring.South Carolina
929.3 sc HISTFirst settlers of South Carolina, 1670-1680.South Carolina
929.3 sc HISTHistory of Grindal Shoals and some early adjacent families / by Rev. J. D. Bailey.South Carolina
929.3 sc LANDPatent land survey : index of land acquisitions, 1770-1820, located in Greenville County, Laurens County, Newberry County, Spartanburg County, Union County, (parts of the old Ninety-Sixth District) / compiled by Alma Spires Smith and Jean Smith Owens.South Carolina
929.3 sc MISCA guide to South Carolina genealogical research and records / by Brent Howard Holcomb.South Carolina
929.3 sc MISCSouth Carolina tax list, 1733-1742 /South Carolina
929.3 sc MISCSouth Carolina Genealogical Society, surname directory / South Carolina Genealogical Society.South Carolina
929.3 sc MISCSouth Carolina's Confederate Pensioners in 1901 / by Brent H. Holcomb.South Carolina
929.3 sc MISC SCGSLineage charts : S.C. Genealogical Society chapters: Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Greenwood, Pendleton District, Sumter.South Carolina
929.3 sc PIGG CHESChesterfield County, South Carolina cemetery survey / compiled by James C. Pigg. 7volSouth Carolina
929.3 sc SOUTThe journal of the Commons House of Assembly : November 14, 1751-October 7, 1752 / Terry W. Lipscomb and R. Nicholas Olsberg, editors.South Carolina
929.3 sc SOUTThe Journal of the Commoms House of Assembly, November 20, 1755- July 6, 1757 / Terry W. Lipscomb.South Carolina
929.3 sc SOUTExtracts from the Journals of the Provincial Congresses of South Carolina, 1775-1776. William Edwin Hemphill, editor; Wylma Anne Wates, assistant editor.South Carolina
929.3 sc SOUTJournals of the House of Representatives, 1783-1784 / Theodora J. Thompson, editor, Rosa S. Lumpkin, assistant editor.South Carolina
929.3 sc sumt HIST
Sumter, South Carolina.South Carolina
929.3 sc:The South Carolina historical magazine. (Numerous volumes, 50+)South Carolina
929.3 sc: CHUR OWENTaproot of the South Carolina Baptist back country : :Fairforest Baptist Church / Loulie Latimer Owens.South Carolina
929.3 sc: CHUR VEHNew Prospect (S.C.) Baptist Church minutes, 1820-1855 and cemetery survey / by Larry Vehorn.South Carolina
929.3 sc: HIST HOWEThe Scotch-Irish and their first settlements on the Tyger River and other neighboring precincts in South Carolina : a centennial discourse, delivered at Nazareth Church, Spartanburg District, S.C., September 14, 1861 / by George Howe.South Carolina
929.3 sc: MARR WILSMarriage and death notices from the Southern patriot, 1815-1830 / compiled by Teresa E. Wilson & Janice L. Grimes.South Carolina
929.3 sc: RUSS DESCThe Descendants of Martha-Jefferson Bell & Samuel Walker, Edgefield, South Carolina : with related families: Allen, Bealle, Beams, Bell, Branch, Caldwell, Couch, Driskel, Easter, Eddins, Farrell, Farrow, Garrett, Halley, Hart, Hicks, Holloway, Jefferson, Johnson, Jones, Mays, Mayson, McCracken, McSouth Carolina
929.3 sc: RUSS HISTThe historic Bush River Quaker Cemetery, Newberry, South Carolina : with selected Bush River Quaker bibliography / Judith F. Russell ; with James G. Clamp and Ann K. Crowley.South Carolina
929.3 sc: WILL WARRSouth Carolina wills, 1670-1853 or later / compiled from C.W.A., W.P.A. microfilms and original volumes by Mary Bondurant Warren.South Carolina
929.3 sc: WILL YOUNA genealogical collection of South Carolina wills and records / compiled by Pauline Young.South Carolina
929.3 sc:abbe WILLSAbstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District wills and bonds as on file in the Abbeville, South Carolina Courthouse / compiled by Willie Pauline Young.South Carolina
929.3 sc:ande HISTJourneys into the past : the Anderson region's heritage / by Frank A. Dickson.South Carolina
929.3 sc:char MARRMarriage notices in Charleston courier, 1803-1808 / compiled and edited by A.S. Salley, Jr.South Carolina
929.3 sc:chesChester County, South Carolina minutes of the County Court, 1785-1799 / [edited] by Brent H. Holcomb and Elmer O. Parker.South Carolina
929.3 sc:ches CHUREarly records of Fishing Creek Presbyterian Church, Chester County, South Carolina, 1799-1859, with appendices of the visitation list of Rev. John Simpson, 1774-1776, and the cemetery roster, 1762-1979 / compiled by Brent H. Holcomb and Elmer O. Parker.South Carolina
929.3 sc:darl CEMEOld Darlington District cemetery survey / [compiled by members of the Old Darlington District Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society].South Carolina
929.3 sc:darl HISTDarlingtoniana ; a history of people, places, and events in Darlington County, South Carolina / edited by Eliza Cowan Ervin and Horace Fraser Rudisill.South Carolina
929.3 sc:edgeEdgefield County, South Carolina, minutes of the County Court, 1785-1795 / compiled by Brent H. Holcomb ; [cover drawing of Edgefield Probate Judge Office courtesy of Lynn Hendrix].South Carolina
929.3 sc:edge DEEDEdgefield County, South Carolina abstracts of Deed books 1-12, abstracted by Ge Lee Corley Hendrix.South Carolina
929.3 sc:edge MISCEdgefield County, S.C. records / compiled by Janie Revill.South Carolina
929.3 sc:edge MISCThe A B C D's of Edgefield genealogy : annotations to Bible records, cemeteries of families, death notices / compiled by Edgefield Chapter, S.C. Genealogical Society.South Carolina
929.3 sc:edge WILLSEdgefield County, S.C. wills, 1787-1836 / by James E. Wooley and Vivian Wooley.South Carolina
929.3 sc:gren CEMEGreenville County, SC cemetery survey / compiled by Greenville Chapter of South Carolina Genealogical Society.South Carolina
929.3 sc:newb CEMENewberry County, South Carolina, cemeteries / sponsored by the Newberry County Historical Society ; [compiled and edited by George Carter Abrams].South Carolina
929.3 sc:newb DEED HolcNewberry County, South Carolina deed abstracts / by Brent H. Holcomb.South Carolina
929.3 sc:newb HISTNewberry County, South Carolina : historical and genealogical annals / by George Leland Summer.South Carolina
929.3 sc:newb HIST NCHSBicentennial history of Newberry County.South Carolina
929.3 sc:newb HIST NCHS INDEXBicentennial history of Newberry County [Index]South Carolina
929.3 sc:newb HIST OneaThe annals of Newberry : in two parts / part first by John Belton O'Neall ; part second by John A. Chapman.South Carolina
929.3 sc:newb MISCNewberry County, South Carolina minutes of the Country [i.e. County] Court, 1785-1798.South Carolina
929.3 sc:newb WILLNewberry County, SC, equity records, 1818-1844 : will book M & N with annual returns, will book I, miscellaneous annual returns / by Sandra J. Lee.South Carolina
929.3 sc:pend HISTHistory of old Pendleton District with a genealogy of the leading families of the district / by R.W. Simpson.South Carolina
929.3 sc:spar DEED VEHSpartanburg District S.C : deed abstracts / compiled by Larry Vehorn.South Carolina
929.3 sc:spar HISTHistory of Spartanburg County : embracing an account of many important events, and biographical sketches of statesmen, divines, and other public men, and the names of many others worthy of record in the history of their county / by J.B.O. Landrum; with new index by Margaret H. Cannon.South Carolina
929.3 sc:spar MISCGenealogical abstracts from the Carolina Spartan, 1866-1872 / abstracted by Larry Vehorn.South Carolina
929.3 sc:spar WILLSSpartanburg County, South Carolina will abstracts, 1787-1840 / compiled by Brent H. Holcomb.South Carolina
929.3 sc:stth HISTThe annals and parish register of St. Thomas and St. Denis Parish, in South Carolina, from 1680-1884 / collected and arranged by Robert f. Clute.South Carolina
929.3 sc:sump HISTHistorical sketches of Sumter County : its birth and growth / by Cassie Nicholes.South Carolina
929.3 sc:sumt HISTHistory of Sumter County, South Carolina.South Carolina
929.3 sc:sumt HISTSumter District.South Carolina
929.3 sc:unio CEME WHALUnion County cemeteries : epitaphs of 18th and 19th century settlers in Union County, South Carolina and their descendants / compiled and edited by Mrs. E.D. Whaley, Sr.South Carolina
929.3 sc:unio CHURLower Fairforest Baptist Church, Union County, South Carolina : minutes, 1809-1875, membership lists through 1906 / transcribed and edited by Brent H. Holcomb.South Carolina
929.3 sc:unio MISCUnion County, South Carolina, minutes of the County Court, 1785-1799 / [edited] by Brent H. Holcomb.South Carolina
929.3 sc:unio WILLSUnion County, South Carolina, will abstracts, 1787-1849 / by Brent Howard Holcomb.South Carolina
929.3 sc:york MARR LANYork County marriages, 1770-1869 : implied in York County, SC probate records / by Barbara R. Langdon.South Carolina
929.3 sc:york MISC WellYork County, South Carolina, minutes of the County Court, 1786-1797 / [abstracted by] Laurence K. Wells.South Carolina
929.3 sc:york NEWSYork, South Carolina, newspapers : marriage, and death notices, 1823-1865 / compiled by Brent H. Holcomb.South Carolina
929.3 SMIT EARLEarly nineteenth-century German settlers in Ohio (mainly Cincinnati and environs), Kentucky, and other states / Clifford Neal Smith.South Carolina
929.3757 sc COTELocal and family history in South Carolina : a bibliography / by Richard N. C^ote.South Carolina
929.3757 sc MISC SMITThe baronies of South Carolina / by Henry A. M. Smith.South Carolina
929.3757 sc:edge HISTHistory of Edgefield County from the earliest settlements to 1897 : biographical and anecdotical; with sketches of the Seminole war; nullification; secession; reconstruction; churches and literature; with rolls of all the companies from Edgefield in the war of secession; war with Mexico and with theSouth Carolina
929.3757 sc:newb d1850Newberry County South Carolina 1850 census, with genealogical data on many families / [census data transcribed by Eleanor Clyburn Wicker; genealogical data collected by Eleanor Clyburn Wicker, Glenda Wood Bundrick, Mary Coe Kerr].South Carolina
929.3757 sc:unio HIST CHARThe narrative history of Union County, South Carolina / by Allan D. Charles.South Carolina
929.3757 SOUTThe South Carolina magazine of ancestral research.South Carolina
973.3757 scSouth Carolina Provincial troops : named in papers of the first Council of Safety of the revolutionary party in South Carolina, June-November, 1775 / compiled by Alexander S. Salley ; with an index by Alida Moe.South Carolina
975.766 RUDI DARLDarlington County : a pictorial history : from the Photographic Archives of the Darlington County Historical Commission / Horace Fraser Rudisill.South Carolina
975.786 SELL HISTA history of Marion county, South Carolina, from its earliest times to the present, 1901. By W.W. Sellers, esq., of the Marion bar.South Carolina
975.7915 RAVE CHARCharleston : the place and the people.South Carolina
929.3768 tn HIST ALDEThe overmountain men : Battle of King's Mountain, Cumberland decade, State of Franklin, Southwest territory / Pat Alderman ; illustrations, Bernie Andrews ... [et al.]South Carolina/REV
973.3457 scSome heroes of the American Revolution : [in the South Carolina upper country] / by J. D. Bailey.South Carolina/REV
973.3457 scSouth Carolinians in the Revolution : with service records and miscellaneous data, also abstracts of wills, Laurens County (Ninety-Six District) 1775-1855 / Sara Sullivan Ervin.South Carolina/REV
929.3 scBlack slaveowners : free Black slave masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860 / by Larry Koger.South Carolins
929.1 JOHA CRADCradled in Sweden / [Carl-Erik Johansson]Sweden
016 tn:17701770-1790 census of the Cumberland settlements : Davidson, Sumner, and Tennessee Counties (in what is now Tennessee) /Tennessee
016 tn:1820Index to the 1820 census of Tennessee /Tennessee
016 tn:18501850 census, Tennessee / transcribed and indexed by Byron and Barbara Sistler.Tennessee
016 tn:18601860 census--Tennessee / transcribed and indexed by Byron and Barbara Sistler.Tennessee
016 tn:18701870 census--Tennessee / transcribed and indexed by Byron & Barbara Sistler.Tennessee
929.1 tn: SCHW TENNTennessee genealogical research / by George K. SchweitzerTennessee
929.3 TENNThe Tennessee Genealogical Society Family Record Charts. Book no. 5 / Compiled and published by the Tennessee Genealogical Society, edited by Charles F. Paessler assisted by Patty Simon.Tennessee
929.3 tn HISTTennessee cousins : a history of Tennessee people / by Worth S. RayTennessee
929.3 tn MISCTennessee genealogical records : records of early settlers from state and county archives / [compiled] by Edythe Rucker Whitley.Tennessee
929.3 tn: HUMPHumphreys County, Tennessee cemetery records, part 1 /Tennessee
929.3 tn: HUMPHumphreys County, Tennessee records : tax lists, 1837-1843, marriages, 1888-1900 / transcribed and compiled by Marjorie Hood Fischer, Ruth Blake Burns.Tennessee
929.3 tn: HUMPHumphreys County, Tennessee cemetery records, part II / by Gladys P. Anderson and Jill K. Garrett.Tennessee
929.3 tn: HUMP 1861-1888Humphreys County Tennessee marriage records, 1861-1888 / Marjorie Hood Fischer and Ruth Blake Burns.Tennessee
929.3 tn: HUMP BAKEBakerville review : abstracts (Humphreys County, Tennessee) / by Marjorie Hood Fischer.Tennessee
929.3 tn:blou HISTThe Cades Cove story / A. Randolph Shields ; editing and design by Paula A. Degen.Tennessee
929.3 tn:wash HISTHistory of Washington County, Tennessee, 1988 / compiled by the Watauga Association of Genealogists--Upper East Tennessee.Tennessee
929.3768 BAMM TENNTennessee divorces, 1797-1858 : taken from 750 legislative petitions and acts / Gale W. Bamman, Debbie W. Spero.Tennessee
929.3768 tn: WHIT MARRMarriages of Davidson County, Tennessee, 1789-1847 / compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley ; with an index by Patti Matulonis.Tennessee
929.3768 tn:gree HISTGreeneville : one hundred year portrait (1775-1875) / Richard Harrison Doughty.Tennessee
929.37684 WHIT MARRMarriages of Sumner County, Tennessee, 1787-1838 / compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley ; with an index by Gary Parks.Tennessee
973.3468 tnSome Tennessee heroes of the Revolution / compiled from pension statements by Zella Armstrong.Tennessee
973.5 SIST TENNTennesseans in the War of 1812 / transcribed and indexed by Byron and Samuel Sistler.Tennessee
976.804 tnRecord of commissions of officers in the Tennessee Militia, 1796-1815 /Tennessee
976.8885 se SHIE CADECades Cove photos : a pictorial record of the place and the people / Arthur Randolph Shields, compiler.Tennessee
976.8984 HISTHistorical reminiscences of Carter County, Tennessee / edited by Mildred Kozsuch.Tennessee
B JACKSON ROBEStonewall Jackson : the man, the soldier, the legend / James I. Robertson, Jr.Tennessee
929.3 NICO ABSTAbstracts of early East Texas newspapers, 1839-1856 / compiled by Linda Cheves Nicklas.Texas
973.5 FAY WARWar of 1812 veterans in Texas / by Mary Smith Fay ... ; from notes compiled by Mae Wynne McFarland ; foreword by Mary Elizabeth McClelland Skaggs ... ; introduction by Mary Lewis Ulmer ... .Texas
016 UNIT CENTA century of population growth, from the first census of the United States to the twelfth, 1790-1900.U.S.
016.3 AMERAmerican Indians : a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications.U.S.
016.3 DIPLDiplomatic records : a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications.U.S.
016.3046 1920The 1920 federal population census : a catalog of National Archives microfilm.U.S.
016.34773 UNIT FEDEFederal court records : a select catalog of National microfilm publications.U.S.
016.3556 NATI MILIMilitary service records : a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications.U.S.
016.912 HARG LISTList of selected maps of states and territoriesU.S.
016.912 MCLA PREFPre-Federal maps in the National Archives : an annotated list / compiled by Patrick D. McLaughlin.U.S.
016.929 1790The 1790-1890 federal population censuses : catalog of National Archives microfilm.U.S.
016.973 BLACBlack studies : a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications.U.S.
284.5 LARTHuguenot pedigrees / by Charles E. LartU.S.
319 RIVE YBOR flThe Ybor City story : (1885-1954). (Los cubanos en Tampa / by Jose Rivero Muniz). Translated by Eustasio Fernandez and Henry BeltranU.S.
325.0903 MACL HISTAn historical account of the settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America prior to the peace of 1783 : together with notices of Highland regiments and biographical sketches /U.S.
355.00711 WARD GENEGenealogical data from United States Military Academy application papers 1805-1866 / by Lt. Col. Patrick G. Wardell.U.S.
356.1309 FORB BLACThe black watch, the record of an historic regiment / by Archibald Forbes.U.S.
369.12 GSCW d1992Society of Colonial Wars, 1892-1992 : the centennial history.U.S.
369.12 SDCCPedigrees of descendants of the colonial clergy, 1976 : / in commemoration of the bicentennial fo the United States of America /U.S.
369.13 NIEB CENTCentennial plus one : the centennial history of the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution, 1895-1996 /U.S.
911.73 KIRK GENEA genealogical and historical atlas of the United States of America / by E. Kay Kirkham.U.S.
912 JACK HISTHistorical and genealogical atlas of the eastern United States : chronolgical maps from the revolutionary period to the present for 26 states east of the Mississippi River.U.S.
920 WATE FAMOFamous American men and women : a complete portrait gallery of celebrated people, whose names are prominent in the annals of the time, each portrait accompanied by an authentic biographical sketch, secured by personal interview--the whole forming a text book of national character / Ed. by Stanley WaU.S.
923.473 DONA LINCLincoln's Herndon. by David Donald, introduction by Carl SandburgU.S.
929.1 LENN TRACTracing Ancestors Among the Five Civilized TribesU.S.
929.1 MCCL GUIDCherokee proud : a guide for tracing and honoring your Cherokee ancestors / by Tony Mack McClure.U.S.
929.1 MESSMessage from the President of the United States, transmitting a report of the Secretary of War, (pensions)U.S.
929.1 UNITUnited States post offices, 1828-1832.U.S.
929.1 VALL LOCALocality finding aids for U.S. surnames / by John F. Vallentine.U.S.
929.2 ALONAlong the Sharp/Sharpe river : and related streams / compiled by Laura Lou Sharpe Brock.U.S.
929.2 AMERAmerican ancestry (12 vol) : giving the name and descent, in the male line, of Americans whose ancestors settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence.U.S.
929.20973 BROG AMERAmerican presidential families / with political essays by Hugh Brogan and family essays by Charles Mosley ; biographical details and descendants tables compiled by Charles Mosley.U.S.
973.5 AMERAmerican state papers : documents, legislative and executive, of the Congress of the United States / selected and edited under the authority of Congress. (vols)U.S.
GEN 929.3 NATINational Society United States Daughters of 1812 news-letter.U.S.
GEN 929.3 UNIOLand grant maps / compiled by the Union County Historical Foundation.U.S.
GEN 929.3 WASH LASTLast will and testament of George Washington of Mount Vernon.U.S.
929.373 COLD AMERAmerican wills & administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1610-1857 / compiled by Peter Wilson Coldham.U.S./Canterbury
923.273 RODN LETTLetters to and from Caesar Rodney, 1756-1784; member of the Stamp Act Congress and ..........U.S./Colonial
929.2 COLOColonial families of the United States of America, in which is given the history, genealogy, and armorial bearings of colonial families who settled in the American Colonies from the time of the settlement of Jamestown, 13th May, 1607, to the Battle of Lexington, 19th April, 1775 / edited by George NU.S./Colonial
929.2097 CALL ROYAThe royal ancestry bible : a 3,400 pedigree chart compilation (plus index and appendix) containing royal ancestors of 300 colonial American families who are themselves ancestors of 70 million Americans / Michel L. Call.U.S./Colonial
929.20975 HARD COLOColonial families of the Southern States of America : a history and genealogy of colonial families who settled in the Colonies prior to the Revolution.U.S./Colonial
929.3 ENGLEnglish origins of American colonists : from the New York genealogical and biographical record / selected and introduced by Henry B. Hoff.U.S./Colonial
929.373 HEREHereditary Order of Descendants of Colonial Governors : Lineage Book II, 2004 / Mrs. Philip Wendall Bernstorf, Governor General.U.S./Colonial
973.0049 DEME IRISIrish America : the historical travel guide / Richard Demeter.U.S./Irish
GEN 333.7309 UNIT ANNUAnnual report of the commissioner of the genral land office. (multiple vols)U.S./Land
929.3 BOCK NAVANaval pensioners of the United States, 1800-1851 / Lloyd de Witt Bockstruck.U.S./Pensions
GEN 929.373 CLAR INDEIndex to U.S. invalid pension records, 1801-1815 / by Murtie June Clark.U.S./Pensions
387.5 BRADWooden ships--iron men : four master mariners of the colonial South / J.G. Braddock, Senior.U.S./South
920.07 PERSPersonalities of the SouthU.S./South
016 ut:1850Index to the 1850, 1860 & 1870 censuses of Utah : heads of households /Utah
929.20973 va: SHIE DESCThe descendants of William and Sarah (Poe) Herndon, of Caroline County, Va., and Chatham County, N.C.VA/NC
016 va:1760Virginia in 1760 : a reconstructed census.Virginia
016 va:1810Index to the 1810 census of Virginia / compiled by Elizabeth Petty Bentley.Virginia
016 va:1820Index to the 1820 census of Virginia / compiled by Jeanne Robey Felldin.Virginia
016 va:1850Alexandria, Virginia, city and county, 1850 census / transcribed by Marjorie D. Tallichet.Virginia
289.9 eckerlinThe saint-adventurers of the Virginia frontier : southern outposts of Ephrata / Klaus Wust.Virginia
929.1072 va: SCHW VIRGVirginia genealogical research / by George K. SchweitzerVirginia
929.2 BRECK VALucy Breckinridge of Grove Hill : the journal of a Virginia girl, 1862-1864 ; edited by Mary D. Robertson.Virginia
929.2 GOODEVirginia cousins : a study of the ancestry and posterity of John Goode of Whitby, a Virginia colonist of the seventeenth century : with notes upon related families, a key to Southern genealogy and a history of the English surname Gode, Goad, Goode or Good from 1148 to 1887 / by G. Brown Goode ; withVirginia
929.2 HERN HERNHerndon family of Virginia, The. Volume one, The first three generationsVirginia
929.2 LIGH REVORevolutionary soldier Samuel Brown and some of hs family : from Middlesex County Virginia to the Sacramento Valley of California / compiled and edited by Fayre Marie (Brown) Lightburn.Virginia
929.2 NORVELLWilliam Norvell (1746-1794) of Hanover Co., Va. : his forebears and descendants / compiled ... by Lucy Harrison Miller Baber ; co-compilers, Sargent Ward Braden and Jaquelin Ambler Nicholas Harvey.Virginia
929.2 TUCKERTucker trails through southside Virginia / by B. DeRoy Beale.Virginia
929.2 vaThe Virginia Germans / Klaus Wust.Virginia
929.2 vaGenealogies of Virginia families : from the William and Mary College quarterly historical magazine / with an introduction by John Frederick Dorman.Virginia
929.2 va : VALEThe Edward Pleasants Valentine papers : abstracts of records in the local and general archives of Virginia relating to the families of Allen ... /Virginia
929.2 va HERN HERNHerndons of the American Revolution part vii, The: #84, John Herndon, b. ca. 1741-d. ca. 1805 of Fauquier County, Va., & his known descendants of the family in AmericaVirginia
929.2 va HERN HERNHerndons of the American Revolution part iv, The: #82, William Harndon (b. ca. 1737-d. ca 1796) of Prince William County, Va., & his known descendantsVirginia
929.2 va HERN HERNHerndons of the American Revolution, The: being the Herndon family of Virginia, volume 2/presented in partsVirginia
929.2 WIATT vaThe Wiatt family of Virginia : the descendants of John Wiatt, Jr. (1732-1805) of Gloucester County, Virginia : with notes on the Field, Carter, Todd, Ball, Montague, and Jones families / compiled by Alexander Lloyd Wiatt.Virginia
929.20942 KAY CHROThe chronicles of the family of Kay of Lancashire from the XIVth to the XXth century / by Kenneth Kay. The English heritage of James Kay of the Colony of Virginia / Frank Spearman.Virginia
929.20973 :va HERN HERNThe Herndons of the American Revolution : (being The Herndon family of Virginia: volume two) (multiple vol)Virginia
929.20973 HERN HERNHerndons of the American Revoliution, The: being the Herndon family of Virginia, volume 2/presented in partsVirginia
929.3 va fred WILLFrederick County, Virginia : wills & administrations, 1795-1816 / compiled by M.N. Kangas, D.E. Payne.Virginia
929.3 va GENESouthside Virginia families / by John Bennett Boddie.Virginia
929.3 va GENEIndex to printed Virginia genealogies : including key and bibliography / compiled by Robert Armistead Stewart, with an added foreword by John Frederick Dorman.Virginia
929.3 va GENETidewater Virginia families : the families of Bell, Binford, Bonner ... / Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis.Virginia
929.3 va GENEVirginia genealogies and family histories : a bibliography of books about Virginia families /Virginia
929.3 va GENESome prominent Virginia families / by Louise Pecquet du Bellet.Virginia
929.3 va GENEVirginia historical genealogies / by John Bennett Boddie.Virginia
929.3 va GENE TYLERGenealogies of Virginia families : from Tyler's quarterly historical and genealogical magazine / with an introduction by John Frederick Dorman ; indexed by Judith McGhan.Virginia
929.3 va LANDCavaliers and pioneers; abstracts of Virginia land patents and grants, 1623-1800. Abstracted and indexed by Nell Marion Nugent. Introd. by Robert Armistead Stewart. Patroness, Agnes Bernadine Sitterding.Virginia
929.3 va LANDCatalogue of Revolutionary soldiers and sailors of the Commonwealth of Virginia : to whom land bounty warrants were granted by Virginia for military services in the War for Independence / compiled by Samuel M. Wilson from official records in the Kentucky State Land Office at Frankfort, Kentucky.Virginia
929.3 va LANDVirginia Northern Neck land grants / compiled by Gertrude E. Gray.Virginia
929.3 va MARRSome Virginia marriages : 1700-1799, volume one/ ompiled by Cecil D. McDonald.Virginia
929.3 va MISCColonial residents of Virginia's Eastern Shore : whose ages were proved before court officials of Accomack and Northampton counties / by William R.M. Houston & Jean M. Mihalyka.Virginia
929.3 va MISCVirginia settlers and English adventurers; abstracts of wills, 1484-1798, and legal proceedings, 1560-1700, relating to early Virginia families. With an added pref. to the American ed.Virginia
929.3 va MISCEnglish duplicates of lost Virginia records / compiled by Louis des Cognets, Jr.Virginia
929.3 va QUAKEarly Quaker records in Virginia / compiled by Miles White, Jr. ; reprinted with a new index, by Anita Comtois.Virginia
929.3 va WILLVirginia will records : from the Virginia magazine of history and biography, the William and Mary College quarterly, and Tyler's quarterly / indexed by Judith McGhan.Virginia
929.3 va WILLSVirginia wills and administrations, 1632-1800; an index of wills recorded in local courts of Virginia, 1632-1800, and of administrations on estates shown by inventories of the estates of intestates recorded in will (and other) books of local courts, 1632-1800 / compiled by Clayton Torrence.Virginia
929.3 va WILLSSome wills from the burned counties of Virginia and other wills not listed in Virginia wills and administrations, 1632-1800 / by William Lindsay Hopkins.Virginia
929.3 va: APPOThe history of Appomattox, Virginia, also World War II-I and Spanish American War service record; by Nathaniel Ragland Featherston.Virginia
929.3 va: FAUQ 1861-1865The years of anguish, Fauquier County, Virginia, 1861-1865. Collected and compiled for the Fauquier County Civil War Centennial Committee, by Emily G. Ramey [and] John K. Gott. With editorial assistance of Gertrude Trumbo and John Eisenhard.Virginia
929.3 va: jameColonial Williamsburg official guidebook : containing a brief history of the city and descriptions of more than one hundred dwelling-houses, shops & publick buildings.Virginia
929.3 va: SOUT 1750-1810Marriage bonds and ministers' returns of Southampton County, Virginia, 1750-1810 / compiled and published by Catherine Lindsay Knorr.Virginia
929.3 va: VESTThe vestry book and register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia, 1684-1786 / transcribed and edited by C.G. Chamberlayne.Virginia
929.3 va:albe HISTAlbemarle County in Virginia : giving some account of what it was by nature, of what it was made by man, and of some of the men who made it / by Edgar Woods.Virginia
929.3 va:alexAlexandria City and County, Virginia, wills, administrations, and guardian bonds, 1800-1870 : an extract of the records contained in the old will books which were handwritten by the court clerks ... / Patrick G. Wardell.Virginia
929.3 va:arli MARRAlexandria & Alexandria (Arlington) County, Virginia : minister returns & marriage bonds, 1801-1852 / transcribed by T. Michael Miller.Virginia
929.3 va:bris BIRTBirths from the Bristol parish register of Henrico, Prince George and Dinwiddie counties, Virginia, 1720-1798 / transcribed by Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne; with a new index.Virginia
929.3 va:bris GENEA history of Bristol Parish, Va. : with genealogies of families connected therewith, and historical illustrations / by Philip Slaughter.Virginia
929.3 va:bris MISCThe vestry book and register of Bristol Parish, Virginia, 1720-1789. Transcribed and published by Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne.Virginia
929.3 va:camp MISCCampbell chronicles and family sketches, embracing the history of Campbell county, Virginia, 1782-1926, by R. H. Early.Virginia
929.3 va:fred QUAKHoHopewell Friends history, 1734-1934, Frederick County, Virginia : records of Hopewell Monthly Meetings and meetings reporting to Hopewell : two hundred years of history and genealogy / compiled from official records and published by a Joint Committee of Hopewell Friends ; assisted by John W. Waylandpewell Friends history, 1734-1934, Frederick County, Virginia : records of Hopewell Monthly Meetings and meetings reporting to Hopewell : two hundred years of history and genealogy /Virginia
929.3 va:gooc MARRMarriages of Goochland County, Virginia, 1733-1815 / compiled by Kathleen Booth Williams.Virginia
929.3 va:gooc MISC DOUGLASThe Douglas register : being a detailed record of births, marriages, and deaths together with other interesting notes, as kept by the Rev. William Douglas from 1750 to 1797; an index of Goochland wills, notes on the French-Huguenot refugees who lived in Manakin-town / transcribed and edited by W. Virginia
929.3 va:hano WILLSHanover County chancery wills and notes : a compendium of genealogical, biographical, and historical material as contained in cases of the chancery suits of Hanover County, Virginia / compiled by William Ronald Cocke, III.Virginia
929.3 va:henr HISTA history of Henry County, Virginia, with biographical sketches of its most prominent citizens and genealogical histories of half a hundred of its oldest families / by Judith Parks America Hill.Virginia
929.3 va:henr MARRMarriage bonds of Henrico County, Virginia, 1782-1853 / compiled by Michael E. Pollock.Virginia
929.3 va:henr MISCEarly Virginia families along the James River : their deep roots and tangled branches / compiled by Louise Pledge Heath Foley.Virginia
929.3 va:henr MISCThe annals and history of Henrico Parish, Diocese of Virginia, and St. John's P.E. Church / edited and compiled by J. Staunton Moore ; with an added index to marriages, baptisms, burials, and inscriptions by Thomas L. Hollowak.Virginia
929.3 va:isle HISTSeventeenth century Isle of Wight County, Virginia : a history of the county of Isle of Wight, Virginia, during the seventeenth century, including abstracts of the county records / by John Bennett Boddie.Virginia
929.3 va:jame CEMEBruton Parish churchyard and church : a guide to the tombstones, monuments, and mural tablets.Virginia
929.3 va:loud MISCIndex to the tithables of Loudoun County, Virginia, and to slaveholders and slaves : 1758-1786 / compiled and edited by Margaret Lail Hopkins.Virginia
929.3 va:loun MARRMarriages of Loudoun County, Virginia, 1757-1853 / compiled by Mary Alice Wertz.Virginia
929.3 va:midd CHURThe parish register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va. from 1653 to 1812.Virginia
929.3 va:prin HISTLandmarks of old Prince William; a study of origins in northern Virginia. With an introd. by John Melville Jennings.Virginia
929.3 va:prin MISCPrince George County, Virginia, wills & deeds, 1710-1713 / compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III.Virginia
929.3 va:prin MISCPrince George County, Virginia : miscellany, 1711-1814 abstracted and compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III.Virginia
929.3 va:prin MISCPrince George County, Virginia : records, 1733-1792 : abstracts of the remaining County record books for the above period plus miscellaneous wills / abstracted and compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III.Virginia
929.3 va:prin WILLSPrince George County, Virginia : wills and deeds, 1713-1728 / abstracted and indexed by Benjamin B. Weisiger, III.Virginia
929.3 va:rock MCCLAbstracts of Rockbridge County, Virginia circuit court will book 1, 1809-1974 / by Rhonda R. McClure.Virginia
929.3 va:shen HISTA history of Shenandoah County, Virginia / by John W. Wayland.Virginia
929.3 va:surr BIRTBirths, deaths, and sponsors, 1717-1778 : from the Albemarle Parish Register of Surry and Sussex counties, Virginia / by John Bennett Boddie.Virginia
929.3 va:surr DEEDSurry County, Virginia deeds and estate accounts, 1734-1755 / by William Lindsay Hopkins.Virginia
929.3 va:surr MISCColonial Surry / by John B. Boddie.Virginia
929.3 va:surr MISCRegister of Albemarle Parish, Surry and Sussex counties, 1739-1778 / transcribed and edited by Gertrude R.B. Richards ; indexed by Florence M. Leonard.Virginia
929.3 va:surr MISCSurry County records, Surry County, Virginia, 1652-1684 / by Eliza Timberlake Davis ; with a new index by Robert Barnes.Virginia
929.3 va:wash HISTHistory of Southwest Virginia, 1746-1786, Washington County, 1777-1870 GENEALOGY / Lewis Preston Summers.Virginia
929.3755 vaVirginia gleanings in England : abstracts of 17th and 18th-century English wills and administrations relating to Virginia and Virginians : a consolidation of articles from The Virginia magazine of history and biography / by Lothrop Withington ; indexed by Thomas L. Hollowak.Virginia
929.3755 va MCGIVirginia genealogy : sources & resources / by Carol McGinnis.Virginia
929.3755 va MISC STANThe colonial Virginia register : a list of governors, councillors and other higher officials, and also of members of the House of Burgesses and the revolutionary conventions of the colony of Virginia-- / compiled by William G. and Mary Newton Stanard.Virginia
929.3755 va:amhe ABER AMHEAmherst County / compiled and transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.Virginia
929.3755 va:fair ABER FAIRFairfax County / compiled and transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.Virginia
929.3755 va:henr ABER HENRHenrico County / compiled and transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.Virginia
929.3755 va:midd CHURThe parish register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va. from 1653 to 1812. (929.3755 va:mass CHUR)Virginia
929.3755 va:nans ABER NANSNansemond County / compiled and transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie.Virginia
929.5 va: FOLLFollow the periwinkle : cemetery records of Henry County, Virginia / collected and compiled by the Henry County Historical Society.Virginia
929.6 va CROZVirginia heraldica : being a registry of Virginia gentry entitled to coat armor, with genealogical notes of the families / edited by William Armstrong Crozier.Virginia
973.21 CLEM HISTThe history of Pittsylvania County, Virginia / by Maud Carter Clement.Virginia
973.2755 va CROZVirginia colonial militia, 1651-1776 / edited by William Armstrong Crozier.Virginia
973.2755 va ECKEList of the colonial soldiers of Virginia : special report of the Department of Archives and History for 1913 / H. J. Eckenrode, archivist.Virginia
973.344 va: BURG VIRGVirginia soldiers of 1776 : compiled from documents on file in the Virginia Land Office, together with material found in the archives department of the Virginia State Library, and other reliable sources / compiled and edited by Louis A. Burgess.Virginia
975.5 va MISC WATEThe mansions of Virginia. 1706-1776 [by] Thomas Tileston Waterman.Virginia
975.52 va MISC TEMPNorthern Virginia heritage; a pictorial compilation of the historic sites and homes in the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Fauquier, Prince William and Stafford, and the cities of Alexandria and Fredericksburg, by Eleanor Lee Templeman and Nan Netherton.Virginia
975.52 va: HORNA hornbook of Virginia history.Virginia
975.528 va:loudThe historian's guide to Loudoun County, Virginia / John T. Phillips, II.Virginia
975.5295 va:arli MISCArlington heritage; vignettes of a Virginia county / Eleanor Lee Templeman.Virginia
929.2 TUCKERColonial Virginians and their Maryland relatives : a genealogy of the Tucker family and also the families of Allen, Blackistone, Chandler, Ford, Gerard, Harmor, Hume, Monroe, Skaggs, Smith, Stevesson, Stone, Sturman, Thompson, Ward, Yowell, and others / by Norma Tucker.Virginia/MD
973.3455 vaHistorical register of Virginians in the Revolution : soldiers, sailors, marines, 1775-1783 / by John H. Gwathmey ; introd. by H.J. Eckenrode.Virginia/REV
016 dc:1820District of Columbia 1820 census index / editors, Ronald Vern Jackson, Gary Ronald Teeples.Washington, DC
929.3 d.c. MARRMarriage licenses of Washington, D.C., 1811-1830.Washington, DC
929.1 wv: MCGI WESTWest Virginia genealogy : sources & resources / by Carol McGinnisWest Virginia
929.3 wv ESTAWest Virginia estate settlements : an index to wills, inventories, appraisements, land grants, and surveys to 1850 / compiled by Ross B. Johnston.West Virginia
929.3 wv GENEGenealogical and personal history of the Upper Monongahela Valley, West Virginia / under the editorial supervision of Bernard L. Butcher.West Virginia
929.3754 wv MISCThe soldiery of West Virginia : in the French and Indian War, Lord Dunmore's War, the Revolution, the later Indian wars, the Whiskey Insurrection, the second war with England, the War with Mexico : and addenda relating to West Virginians in the Civil War : the whole compiled from authentic sourcesWest Virginia
929.5 wi:milw HERZ OLDOld cemetery burials of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin / Elizabeth Doherty Herzfeld.Wisconsin